A Krrb Holiday Gift Guide – For The Julia Child In All Of Us


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Julia Child

Who hasn't secretly (or not so secretly) fantasized about having Julia Child's chops in the kitchen? Or at least that she was a beloved aunt who came around every so often to cook a fabulous meal for the family?

There is a little bit of Julia Child in all of us (come on, admit it!) which is why gifts for the kitchen have such universal appeal. Everybody has to eat, after all, so why not help our nearest and dearest prepare their meals with style and skill by plying them with gifts for their kitchens?

Where does one find such gifts, you might ask? Why on Krrb, where the giving is easy, local and personal, of course. In this, the third of our holiday gift guide series, we’re going to inspire you to go secondhand (or handmade) for the holidays by serving up some great ideas for the wannabe Mario Batali’s in our lives… all inspired by offerings on Krrb.

Start ‘Em Off With A Plan

recipe card

Check out this great way to hold recipe cards handmade in Milwaukee by Tartella.

You’ve got to start someplace, and when you’re cooking, there is no better place to start than with a good recipe. Give the budding chef in your life an easy way to store, sort and display them with a recipe holder like this wooden one.

This one even stands on it’s own, and each card is protected by a plastic sleeve, making it super easy to access while stirring and slicing!

Check this out on Tartella’s Krrb corner in Milwaukee.

Sharpen Their Skills


How cool would this look on your kitchen counter? Very cool. Which is why you should get one and give it to somebody you love. Karma.

Nothing gets in the way of an enjoyable session in the kitchen like a blunt knife. And how much do you want to bet that even your most engaged kitchen addicts don’t have a cool vintage knife sharpener? These babies are built to last, so even one like this, from the 1930’s, will keep their blades nice and sharp.

Julia would be proud.

Check this out on Jacqueline’s Krrb corner in Manhattan.

Put Away Their Pots


Hanging pots on the wall keeps them easily accessible while still out of the way.

The hallmark of a well designed kitchen is the ability to easily access all of your tools. Give a hanging pot rack to your cooking pals and they will be much more likely to just run into the kitchen and whip up a nice soup or something than they would if they had to dig through a cabinet to find the saucepan.

And who doesn’t want a nice pot of homemade soup?

Check out this pot rack from Milwaukee Blacksmith’s Krrb corner. They’ll even build you a custom size should you need something HUGE (or tiny).

The Holy Grail

vintage stove

For the right person, this would be the BEST. HOLIDAY. GIFT. EVER.

Now, this falls into the category of giving somebody a puppy – if they need/want/can accommodate one you win the best-gift-giver jackpot. But if they’ve recently installed a new Viking stove or don’t have a gas line you may just have lost a friend.

If the circumstances are right, however, a beautiful awesome colorful vintage stove can’t be beat. The burners are usually far more powerful than most current consumer models and the stove-side photos will be so much more fun to look at!

Check this out on Krrbie’s Krrb corner in Brooklyn. (Yep, it’s one of ours…)

Add A Little Spice

minimal shakers

Salt and Pepper shakers are a small gift, but they go oh so far. And they come in so many shapes and sizes - like this super minimal set from Japan.

vintage salt andpepper shakers

...or these colorful flowery vintage ones from upstate New York.

Ah the humble salt and pepper shakers. You can never have too many, we say. Which is why they make great gifts, because there’s always room for one more pair. No table is properly set without them.

Check out the modern set on gpwonder’s Krrb corner in Brooklyn.

And then go to Pattie’s Krrb corner in upstate New York to check out the vintage ones.

The List Keeps Growing

There are new things being posted to Krrb all the time… if you see any great gift ideas for the chefs in our lives, make sure to let us know in the comments. Because the less hunting we have to do, the more time we have to actually cook and eat with our favorite folks.

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