A Krrb Holiday Gift Guide – For The Four Feet And Under Set


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christmas in the 1950s

Ah the best day of the year, when dreams come true and you can stay in PJ's till lunchtime! Photo courtesy of WriteOnNewJersey.com

There is nothing like the anticipation of Christmas morning. Standing in front of the tree with your eyes closed, wondering if Santa brought you the blue drum kit or the red bike… those were the days! Well, if you’re lucky enough to have kids in your life, you can relive those happy moments by hooking them up with gifts beyond their wildest dreams and watching their little faces light up with a joy that no adult pleasure can really parallel.

Where does one find such gifts, you might ask? Why on Krrb, where the giving is easy, local and personal, of course. In this, the second of our holiday gift guide series, we’re going to inspire you to go secondhand (or handmade) for the holidays by serving up some great ideas for the younger set… all inspired by offerings on Krrb.

Reading Is FUNdamental

nancy drew books

The entire collection of Nancy Drew mysteries all in one fail swoop. It's like the entire universe served up on a single platter!

You can never have too many books. Especially when you’re a kid. Imagine the hours… nay, weeks… of fun to be had reading ALL of the Nancy Drew mysteries. Every last one of them! Who needs a TV when you’ve got all the suspense and thrill you need inside of those famed yellow covers?

Check out the collection on Nancy Drew for you’s Krrb corner in Brooklyn.

A Work Of Art


Surround your kids with art and inspire them to be creative souls!

Kids are never too young to appreciate art, and what better to inspire the little Basquiat inside them all than with some original (affordable) paintings on their bedroom walls? So much better than a Toy Story poster, plus who knows, if you buy smart, it could be a great investment for their future collection.

Check out these paintings from Easthampton, Massachusetts on Invisible fountain’s Krrb corner.

A Classic Board Game


Who better to spend a snowy evening with than Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock?

We all remember sitting around the table, as a family, playing Monopoly or Clue or any one of hundreds of board games for hours. Now everybody still sits in the same room, but we’re all on our laptops and iPads.

We say bring back the rainy Saturday afternoons spent together having fun with a vintage board game like this Star Wars game. Teach your kids to boldly go where no man has gone before and have fun while you’re at it. It’s a gift for the whole family.

Check out this game on Chip’s Krrb corner in Brooklyn.

The Coolest Duds


Nothing says "happy childhood memory" like rainbows and bikes!

Giving a graphic t-shirt can be a risky proposition. Because lets face it, it can be annoying when somebody gives your kid a Ramones shirt when your whole family much prefers listening to Prince. Much better to play it safe (and happy) with universally accepted imagery – who’s going to come out against a rainbow and a bike? It’s about as upbeat as you can get without totally relinquishing all your cool.

Check out this great shirt on Taliah Lempert’s Krrb corner, also in Brooklyn.

Old School Playa

vintage abacus

The calculators of yesterday become the kids learning toys of today!

Nothing like a vintage game – an abacus in this case – to delight both kids and parents alike. The kids are happy moving the brightly colored beads around (learning to count, but don’t tell ’em) and spinning the hands on the clock (so telling time gets some play, too.) The grown ups are happy because it doesn’t make any noise, looks cool and hey– the little ones learning something at the same time. Win win.

Check this out (and lots of other cool vintage stuff for kids) on jorjipeach’s Krrb corner in Buena Park, California.

The Ultimate Gift


It doesn't get cuter than this. Seriously.

We saved the best for last. Because if you really really really love your kids and don’t care about having any kind of life to yourselves for the next, oh, 9 months (9 years?), you should give your family the gift of a puppy. Because they are soooooooo cuuuuute and will make your kids soooooooo happy. Better than any stuffed animal or even a bike.

But heed this warning: Puppies are only to be given to members OF THE SAME HOUSEHOLD. Be prepared to destroy your friendship if you give one of these little tykes to your golfing buddy’s kid.

Check out these adorable huskies awaiting new homes at saroyvez12’s Krrb corner in Queens, New York.

The List Keeps Growing

There are new things being posted to Krrb all the time… if you see any great gift ideas for the kiddies, make sure to let us know in the comments. Because the less hunting we have to do, the more time we have to actually spend with our favorite little people.

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