A Gift Guide For Your Favorite Kind of Valentine


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As Valentine’s Day approaches it’s time to figure out what special item to get for your unique someone. Whether they’re a lover of the fine arts or just want to stay in and cuddle, we’ve surely got some listings that they’ll love.

For the Art Lover


These made to order photos are perfect for the vintage photographer. They look extremely aged but come from digital photos that you send to the artist. Turn one of your modern memories into a photo with that antique look.

Mod Podge Picture Frames from HM, $40


So maybe your art lover doesn’t want old photos hanging up, that’s fine. Do they love fruit? How about extremely intricate artwork? Constructed with thousands of linen strings and then sealed with acrylic paint, this strawberry string art painting is the perfect addition to any collection.

Strawberry String Art Painting from Cathy, $250


Everyone can appreciate a good sculpture. Fill this Fleur’s vase with flowers and your love will surely be smitten. It’s made of porcelain and will show them just how much you care.

Fleur’s Vase from Adam and Janet Wolf, €105

For the Class Act


What a great way to start off your Valentine’s Day! Sipping on Maker’s Mark and smoking a cigar with your loved one. Nothing more romantic than that! Show them how important their love of whiskey and tobacco are with a custom groomsmen box to store their goods!

Groomsmen Box from Straight-Faced, $40


You’re going to need something to drink that Maker’s Mark out of! These champagne saucers are perfect for celebrating the romance you share. Cheers to all those special memories and the ones to come.

Albus’ Champagne Saucer Moser from Adam and Janet Wolf, €105


Obviously, the class act has to sip their drink in style. This white and red polka dot bow tie will be so memorable as you drape it around your Valentine’s neck. They’ll feel your affection every time they wear it.

Polka Dot Bow Tie from Dusty Rose, $16

For the Homebody


So your loved one is more of an indoors kinda person, nothing wrong with that. Let them know that you want to cuddle up next to them all night long with these love bird pillowcases. The birds are turtledoves, which mate for life, so these are sure to show all your love!

Love Bird Pillow Cases from Xenotees, $32


While your loved one is hanging out at home, they’re going to need something to do! They can’t just sit there and twiddle their thumbs. How about this? A sterling dresser set, complete with comb, brush and mirror! They’ll look great when they finally decide to leave the house!

Gorham Sterling Silver Dresser Set from L.A. Vintage Furnishings, $275


What’s the final item you need to make a night spent in magical? Vintage ceramic mugs! That’s right folks. What good is a night spent in watching Netflix without some hot chocolate or another (maybe boozey?) warm drink? No good, no good at all people.

Vintage Ceramic Mugs from Rustbelt Treasures, $145

There you go folks! A few different listings for your unique lover. Look through our Valentine’s Day Market and let us know what you find!


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