A Comfortable Couch or Snug Sofa for Every Occasion


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Whether you live alone or you have a house full of roommates, a sofa is an essential part of any living situation. No one wants to sit on the floor of your apartment bro, that’s disgusting! Sofas are each their own unique piece of furniture though. You can’t just close your eyes, point blindly and find the perfect sofa! That’s just not how it works.

Will it fit in my apartment properly? Is it comfortable? Will it hold all of my friends? It takes a lot of delicate thought and consideration. But never fear, I am here to guide you in the right direction!

The City Dweller


So you live in the greatest city in the world and your apartment shows it! It takes about 3 foot steps, if you’re lucky, to get from the living room to the kitchen. This 2 seat sofa is perfect for your tiny space. It measures at 31″D x 30″H x 55″L so it’ll fit perfectly compact in any corner of your humble abode.

MCM Royal Blue Steel Case 2 Seat Sofa from Barefoot Dwelling, $1,195


Speaking of compact couches, this charming 1950’s sofa is rare, which shows in the price. That’s no worry to you though, you’re living in the greatest city in the world and making enough money to buy a rare couch from the 1950’s. Just please, ask your guests to keep it clean because the upholstery is original.

Rare and Early Eero Saarinen Womb Settee Sofa from Cornerstone, $4,800


So you don’t have room in your extremely humble abode for even a sofa built for two? Well, thankfully we’ve got some one seaters as well. You can scatter a few different chairs around the house for guests but I’m assuming if you don’t have room for a small sofa, you probably don’t have many guests so this seat might be just for you!

Vintage Rattan Lounge Chair from Tracey and Peter, $175

The Loft Lover


If you’re anything like me, you live in a loft with a buncha dudes! It’s a fun time but there’s always about twice as many people over than actually pay to live there. That’s why you’ve got to love sectionals. You’re going to need a big loft for this mid-century sectional though, it clocks in at 10′ x 8′.

Mid-Century Hollywood Regency Corner Sofa from Chris and Michael, $400


So your loft isn’t THAT big and you hate the color yellow. This beautiful light gray sofa is made with canvas material and is remarkably comfortable. It’s custom made and in great condition. It may need a few stitches here and there but that won’t stop you from having a theatre-size amount of people over to watch the big game or a movie!

Amazing Sectional Sofa from Brian, $800


You’ve got to go even tinier?!? Alright, this sectional will definitely fit in your apartment (maybe). The baby blue microsuede is easily cleaned if your guests are a bunch of filthy friends!

Baby Blue Microsuede Sectional Couch from Craig Jerkins

The Slumber Partier


So you have a lot of house guests; you’re the go-to for hospitality when a friend is in town. You’re gonna want a sofa that’s comfortable to sleep on. This pullout couch is quite accommodating. And just think, when your guest wakes up in the morning they can fold it away and you can go about your normal day! Besides, you know, having to entertain your annoying friend from high school!

Beautiful Green Pullout Couch from Perrin Ireland, $400


Maybe you and your high school friend stayed up partying all night! The next day is rough and you’re both extremely zonked. Why not just take a lil catnap on this mid-century day bed? It’s got a new high density foam bottom cushion so they’re sure to fall fast asleep and be ready to do it all over again the next night! – $695

Mid-Century Daybed from Found Vintage Living, $695


Finally, we’ve got this beautifully refurbished mid-century sofa from the 1960’s. It’s newly reupholstered and definitely very comfortable. It’s perfect for any guest to sprawl out on as long as they aren’t a 7-foot tall giant!

Beautifully Refurbished Mid-Century Sofa from Aimyers, $2,000

The Office Lounger


Every office needs a comfortable couch to relax on. This Italian leather sofa is made just for that. Take a quick power nap or brainstorm some new ideas in a space more comfortable than your desk.

Le Corbusier LC2 Style Sofa from Richmond, $850


This couch will fit in your start up office excellently. Your employees will love the comfiness and so will your guests! Ready to do some business? Why does it have to be all stuffy and uncomfortable? Make it feel like just two friends hanging out while you secure all that sweet, sweet start up cash!

Mid-Century Modern Blu Dot Paramount Sofa from Victoria, $1,200


Finally, this last sofa is the perfect way to say, “hey, we’re a cool office but we’ve got class as well!” Show them that you know how to treat your employees right, the best way you can, with a comfy couch to kick back on. Plus, it’s practically made to last an eternity!

Rare Antique English Chesterfield Sofa from Le Petit Monster, $2,250

Didn’t quite find what you’re looking for? We have more chic sofas for you to browse on Krrb! Find something else you like? Let us know in the comments!


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