6 Creative Desks You’ve Got to See


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6 Unusual Creative Desks

The Barbarian Group superdesk.

The creative mind needs the right canvas to inspire the imagination. These six unusual desks offer a balance of utility and character. Trust us, you’ll want to pull up a chair and start dreaming up ideas.

Hot Air Balloon Desk

6 Unusual Creative Desks

Photo: Boysandgirls.ie

Created by Boys and Girls, a Dublin ad agency, this desk defies gravity with permanent hot air balloons. Filled with a helium/hydrogen hybrid gas to float the desk indefinitely, this unique piece of furniture is made even more awesome with the addition of giant Jenga blocks. The desk sits in the company’s receptionist area, a welcoming introduction to the agency’s playful identity.

Rhino Desk

6 Unusual Creative Desks

Photo: Whatisjameswearing.com

Business is a wild beast! This rhino-shaped desk by artistic duo Les Lalanne was recently featured in an exhibit at the Museum of Les Arts Decoratifs in Paris. In line with the majority of their animal-inspired work, the rhino desk marries exotic style with function.

Ophthalmologist Desk

6 Unusual Creative Desks

Photo: Krrb.com/vintagequest

This desk is an unusual find! Originally designed for an ophthalmologist in the 1960’s, its unusual shape was made to accommodate the various machines needed to check the eyes of patients. Find it on Krrb.

Pinball Machine Desk

6 Unusual Creative Desks

Photo: Custommade.com

When you’re in need of a mental break, this desk offers the opportunity to polish your pinball game. Available on Custommade for $2000, this piece of office furniture is a hoot! Just think, even if you don’t get any work done—you can still be a wizard of the arcade games!

Reclaimed Piano Desk

6 Unusual Creative Desks

Photo: Knickoftime.net

If music inspires your productivity, this reclaimed piano desk is the one for you. A Knick of Time offers a full tutorial on making your own statement piece. You’ve never seen something like this before!

Barbarian Group Superdesk

6 Unusual Creative Desks

The Barbarian Group, a New York digital agency, seats everyone in the office at their superdesk. Designed by architect Clive Wilkinson, the desk has seating for 125 people, built-in shelving and nooks for meetings in smaller groups. The continuous desk was assembled in the agency’s office space in Manhattan, New York, and finished with a layer of resin poured on top.

6 Unusual Creative Desks

In the company’s previous office space, account and creative were on separate floors. Now everyone from the CEO to the interns are all out on the same desk. This new layout has inspired more communication and created an incredible environment for coming up with creative ideas.


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