6 Apps for the Techie Wedding


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6 Apps for the Techie Wedding

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With smartphone ownership reaching critical mass, organizing even the most basic of things usually involves your phone. For the first time ever, over 50% of the US population now owns a smartphone. We use apps to be more productive, exercise more regularly and stay connected with those we love. It is a logical progression that we will start using technology to organize the most important day in many of our lives — our wedding day. We’ve put together the top six wedding apps for the techie bride-to-be.


6 Apps for the Techie Wedding

The newest wedding app on the market from Brit & Co founder Brit Morin is Weduary. This app integrates beautifully with Facebook and has some of the best wedding website designs out there. Features include custom domain options, photo importer, google map integration, gift registry and R.S.V.P management. The most unique feature about Weduary is under the ‘guest’ section. Weduary allows your guests to see who is single begin flirting with them. Its like your own personal dating site for wedding guests. That’s the main reason guests come to weddings anyhow, right?


6 Apps for the Techie Wedding

Photography is a huge part of every wedding. Of course you are likely to have a professional photog capturing all the family formals and posed shots, but many of the best photos come from your guests. Wrangling your photos post-wedding is virtually impossible. The Wedpic app allows you to collect all your guest’s pictures in one easy to use dashboard uploaded straight from your guests smartphone. Simply create an account and invite as many guests as you’d like.


6 Apps for the Techie Wedding

There are always fewer guests than you would like in attendance at your wedding. Let’s be honest…weddings are freakishly expensive and this puts a cap on most weddings. For all of those guests that either can’t make it or that you couldn’t afford to invite, there is Ustream. Ustream is a website that allows you to live stream your wedding for guests to see who aren’t there with you physically. Not everyone will be into this sort of privacy invasion, but if you are looking to have an open-source wedding, this is the service for you.


6 Apps for the Techie Wedding

Regardless of how many wedding update emails you send, your guests will still be confused about logistics—it never fails. On the day of your wedding you will have no less than 5 people calling/emailing or texting trying to figure out where the bus is picking everyone up. Avoid this with Sendhub. Sendhub is technically a business app designed for mass texting. Weddings are the perfect use case since everyone will have their phones on them on the day of the wedding. Even your grumpy uncle who hasn’t converted to a smartphone yet. Simply download the app, load the phone numbers of all your guests and let the texting begin. Unlike other services, this is one-way communication alerts so your guests won’t annoy the other guests by sending mass alerts themselves.


6 Apps for the Techie Wedding

When you sign up for an account with this full-service wedding app, right off the bat you get to custom build your wedding site. With over 300 designs to choose from, you’re likely to find one that suits your fancy. You can manage your R.S.V.P’s, set travel and accommodation information, capture photos after the wedding, send reminder emails, link to your registry and more. Appy Couple is like a private Facebook for your wedding party. The only downside is that those without a smart phone may feel a bit left out of the digital fun.

Tie Right

6 Apps for the Techie Wedding

Those in your wedding wearing ties might need a bit of assistance. Tie Right is a straightforward app that walks you through each step to tie the perfect tie. Whether it is a bow tie or traditional tie, this app has you covered. Simply send it to those in need and reduce the likelihood of mishaps on the big day.

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