5 Ways to Fill Your Home with Memories


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We love how the site Dear Photograph shares memories by placing a snapshot — usually one featuring one or more people and dating from the film-photography era — and holding it up against the original setting so that past and present blend into a new work of art. Photo: Dearphotograph.com

We love how the site Dear Photograph shares memories by placing a snapshot — usually one featuring one or more people and dating from the film-photography era — and holding it up against the original setting so that past and present blend into a new work of art. Photo: Dearphotograph.com

The best way to remember anything is to document it. Whether it’s with a photograph or in a journal, recording events and experiences help us step back and look at our lives retrospectively. It pinpoints a time, a place, a feeling that strengthens the synapse between the nerve cells associated with the memory.

The more visual, textile and emotional the clue our brain links to a memory, the more vivid and clear the memory becomes in our minds. As we continue to live and work in “real time”, the need for reflection is ever present. It gives us a sense of nostalgia, a comforting emotion that connects us to time. So place your family photos where you can see them and take a look at these five great ways to fill your homes with memories.

Track Your Growth

Photo: Roomformore.wordpress.com

Photo: Roomformore.wordpress.com

It’s easy to miss the day by day growth in life. So grab a ruler, a pen and mark the kitchen wall with your incremental growth. You can also keep your camera handy and vow to take a photo a day for the 365 photo challenge. This slow and steady progression of life may not seem like much, but you’ll be amazed by the evolution over time.

Plant A Tree

Photo: Ardeyshenor.blogspot.com

Photo: Ardeyshenor.blogspot.com

Having grown up with “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein, planting a tree is a way to build roots with your family. You can honor a passed family member and create a place for young ones to play. Make it a spot where you can reminisce.

Leave Your Mark

Photo: Framework.latimes.com

Photo: Framework.latimes.com

Leave your signature for future generations. Making an impression of your handprints or etching your name into wood is a way to mark your presence. Maybe it’s an homage to your first sweetheart or a tribute to generations past.

Display Your Travels

Photo: Designsponge.com

Photo: Designsponge.com

Recount past trips by exhibiting your train tickets and metro cards and tokens. We love this great DIY by DesignSponge on turning your souvenirs into art. It’s sure to bring up fond memories.

Create Heirlooms

Photo: Blog.homo-numericus.net

Photo: Blog.homo-numericus.net

Pass down family treasures from generation to generation. If you don’t have any, create some. History is full of quilting bees and cedar trunks. If you’re not feeling a blanket made of baby clothes, why not recover a favorite chair with your grandfather’s fatigues or a pillow made from your threadbare college t-shirts. We also like this neat heirloom project by Nikki George Ferguson. Display a beloved memento and record its significance.

  • thank your share

  • I like The Giving Tree video. meaningful

  • thank your post, I am glad to catch idea from your article. I like The Giving Tree video. meaningful

  • Gayle

    I so regret not marking my daughter’s height as she’s grown (we moved a bit too much to do that) but over the past three years as she’s moved into tween status and has grown so much it would have been a great thing to do.

  • Katherine Marie Weir

    I really like these ideas. Since my mother passed away almost 4 years ago, I have always wished I could have done more to remember our journeys and experiences besides pictures. These ideas help to give ideas about how to not be forgotten for the next generation. Though I missed my chance with my mother, I don’t want to miss my chance with my future kids.

  • Vanessa Londono

    That’s my favorite one too. It’s a sweet way to see kids grow up.

  • Vanessa Londono

    That’s a great idea! So sweet.

  • Vanessa Londono

    Me too! You can also have a plaque made to dedicate the tree to someone.

  • I love the tracking growth memory, i grew up on a cottage on the lake every summer and all of the cousins from the 1900’s have tracked our heights on the same door. It’s an invaluable piece that we all cherish every time that we go in the summer! All of these are great ideas though :)

  • Louay Khraish

    My favorite is planting a tree. Trees live longer than memories. I love the “The Giving Tree” video, too; it’s one of my favorite children’s books.

  • Veronica Aleman

    This is a pretty neat little blog. I especially loved the Giving Tree Video that was added there! It’s a bittersweet thing to watch. And I love the idea of planting trees with your loved ones! What a great idea. Hopefully I have kids one day so we can plant a bunch of trees together!

  • Katie Murphy

    @039c1534887f3de5c3a6bcc0a4df86ed:disqus I agree! I would love to do that in the future when I have a home of my own.

  • Julie Lattner

    Love, love, LOVE the train ticket idea. I’m terrible at remembering to scrap book so applying them to a cork board and keeping them accessible for company is a GREAT idea!

  • Rachel Morrell

    Great ideas! We get so busy and wrapped up in our daily lives that we forget to slow down and take it in and document! I love the idea of planting a tree! I think my husband and I will do that once we find out we’re having a baby, to symbolize the growth..if that makes sense! :-)

  • Isabelle Dervaux

    Great post!

    My kids loved when I photographed their legos constructions, Brio train tracks set-ups or intricate doll house arrangements before taking them apart. It made it easier to clean up and start something new.

    Now before I let go of something they have overgrown that they had cherished such as plush toys or books I make a still life for their photo albums.

  • Morgan D

    These are great ideas. I love the video of The Giving Tree-so cool! That is one of my favorite books, so it was awesome to see that!