5 Secrets to Selling Your Stuff Quickly


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5 Secrets to Selling Your Stuff Quickly

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As Community Director at Krrb, I pay lot of attention to buyer and seller activity. From professional sellers to individuals looking to unload their stuff before moving, I’ve seen it all. In some cases, selling is about finding the right buyer. After all, not everyone wants a Mr. Peanuts costume. Typically the right buyer for your stuff is every buyer, you just need to turn that inquiry into a purchase. Keep reading to see what tactics work best at selling quickly.

1. Get Visual

Good photos are essential when selling online. Browsers become serious buyers when they can see what they’re purchasing. Not sure how to photograph your item? We break it down in a video for bulky belongings like large furniture, small items and stuff that no structure. In any case, always do quick cleaning prior to snapping a few photos. You want to show your listings in the best light, figuratively and literally. And finally, show scale. When you give shoppers a chance to imagine your listings in their home, its more likely to result in your listings going home with them.

2. Know Your Competition

Familiarize yourself with the market. Selling a dresser? Do a quick search and see what other dressers are selling for in your neighborhood. It’s that simple. Shoppers want to feel like they’re discovering a good deal so find the price point and aim for the middle to bottom of that range. When you sell slightly below the average price, you’ll catch more eyes on your listing.

3. Think Like a Buyer

Nowadays consumer consumption is easier than ever. Shopping online includes access to all the information you might need and e-commerce websites have streamlined purchasing so it takes one click at most. All that to say is that buyers tend to be lazy. So do the leg work for them and provide all their needs. Include details like brand, maker, dimensions and even original purchasing price in the description of your listing. If there is a link to the item on a manufacture’s website, include that as well. By removing all hurdles that could potentially drive a shopper away, you’re in a better position to complete a sale without so much hemming and hawing.

4. Always Take the Next Step

The best sellers on Krrb always keep the conversation moving. When a potential buyer contacts the seller, perhaps for more information, they answer and prompt the buyer to make a move. Dangle the carrot next time you get an inquiry. Ask the buyer if they’d like to see the listing in person in the next day or two. This moves the buyer from a passive state of mind when shopping to a more active one. Another option is to entice the buyer to make the purchase before the weekend and you’ll knock $10 off the asking price. Creating urgency at the benefit of the buyer is another way to ensure that an inquiry will convert into a sale.

5. Secure Payment

In the world of secondhand selling, it’s not sold until you’ve collected payment. Flaky shoppers or no-shows are common, especially with garage sales and moving sales. Don’t worry about getting stood up and don’t waste your time. When you’re trying to sell quickly, collect payment prior to pickup to guarantee the sale. If the buyer wants to examine the item in person, ask for a deposit and send them a payment request through your inbox. When a shopper is willing to commit to the transaction, you know they mean business.


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