5 Outdoor Sculptures Unveiled Just In Time for the End of Summer


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5 Outdoor Sculptures Unveiled Just In Time For Summer

Identity, a new sculpture in England’s West Sussex. Photo: Artfund.org

In an effort to get folks out to enjoy the summer, many cities are turning to artists to create interactive and awe-inspiring outdoor sculptures. Whether it’s to commemorate an important historical event or just to let locals’ imaginations run wild, these sculptures offer a refreshing reprieve from monotony. So if you need an excuse to head outside and brave the sweltering heat, we’ve got you covered with a round up of outdoor sculptures just unveiled this season.

United We Stand in Detroit, Michigan

5 Outdoor Sculptures Unveiled Just In Time For Summer

United We Stand by Charles McGee. Photo: Detroitartreview.com

One of Detroit’s most notable artists, Charles McGee, just unveiled a towering monochromatic sculpture entitled, United We Stand. The abstract figures with arms outstretched signify people coming together to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Detroit Riots.

Venus in San Francisco, California

5 Outdoor Sculptures Unveiled Just In Time For Summer

Venus by Lawrence Argent. Photo: Kqed.org

A 92-foot stainless steel sculpture, weighing approximately 50 tons, debuted in the SoMa neighborhood of San Francisco. This public art project dubbed Venus was designed by Australian artist Lawrence Argent and alludes to classical beauty portrayed in the Renaissance period.

Nomme De Terre in Greenwood, Indiana

5 Outdoor Sculptures Unveiled Just In Time For Summer

Nomme de Terre by Chuck Von Schmidt. Photo: Dailyjournal.net

This bright red sculpture is the second installation from artist Chuck Von Schmidt in the Art on the Trailway program. Both sculptures are titled Nomme De Terre and are meant to be interactive landmarks with over 18,000 locals appreciating them daily.

Identity in West Sussex, England

5 Outdoor Sculptures Unveiled Just In Time For Summer

Identity by Wang Yuyang. Photo: Sculpture.org.uk

Commissioned for the Beautiful Disorder exhibition at the Cass Sculpture Foundation, Identity is 20 feet of multi-colored layers of iron, steel, marble, concrete, brass, fiberglass and copper. Chinese artist Wang Yuyang converted a novel into binary code and used 3D modeling software to translate the numbers into the look and shape of the final piece.

Plume in Williamsburg, Virginia

5 Outdoor Sculptures Unveiled Just In Time For Summer

Plume by Gregory Johnson. Photo: Dailypress.com

The 275-pound stainless steel sculpture called Plume is part of revolving public art project in Williamsburg and will only be on view for one year. Designed by Georgia artist Gregory Johnson, this minimal and elegant sculpture is meant to invoke multiple interpretations and a sense of movement.

This list only scratches the surface for outdoor sculptures on view this summer. Let us know which ones we missed in the comments below!


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