5 Great Ways to Repurpose Dresser Drawers


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Krrb — 5 Great Ways to Repurpose Dresser Drawers

Photo: Diyshowoff.com

We’re all about recycling and reusing but sometimes you’ll find things around the house that feel like they’ve met their final days. That’s where repurposing comes in! Have an old dresser that’s falling apart? Well instead of trashing the whole thing, salvage what you can. Take out all of the drawers that are in decent condition and start repurposing them with one of these fun projects!

Rolling Under-Bed Storage Unit

Krrb — 5 Great Ways to Repurpose Dresser Drawers

Photo: Remodelaholic.com

I don’t know about you guys but living in a small New York City apartment has made storage less than easy. That’s why these rolling under-bed storage units are perfect for any tiny bedroom. Repurposing is the goal so I would skip the building new shelves step all together! Just pick up a cheap dresser with drawers that will fit under your bed, attach some wheels and get to storing.

Key Holder

Krrb — 5 Great Ways to Repurpose Dresser Drawers

Photo: Midwestliving.com

I’m also the type of person who is constantly losing things, like my keys for example. I’m the type to just throw them aside the second I walk into my apartment and then immediately forgets where “aside” is. So this simple key holder would be great for my home. It’s as simple as finding a drawer, screwing cup hooks into the bottom, attaching a large sawtooth picture hanger to the back, and then mounting to your wall. Four quick steps and you’ll never lose your keys again!

Cork Board

Krrb — 5 Great Ways to Repurpose Dresser Drawers

Photo: Imgur.com/JE80J

I’m just now realizing that any of these projects would be perfect for me. I can’t tell you how much loose-leaf paper is floating around my room with random ideas for future projects. If only I had a cork board in my room, then all of my notes would be neatly in one place. Find a (free) dresser with some different options—do you need something huge or just a tiny cork board for a few reminder notes? Go ahead and glue all those wine corks you’ve been saving in place or use a cork board as shown in this tutorial.

Pet Bed

Krrb — 5 Great Ways to Repurpose Dresser Drawers

Photo: Diyshowoff.com

Here’s something I don’t need per se but I definitely want. This pet bed would be perfect for the lil’ puppy that I don’t actually have! But alas, I could always build it for a friend and go play with their pets. I’m sure Junior would love this! Grab a dresser drawer, give it a fresh coat of paint, add some legs and whatever other “necessities” for your pet and they won’t want to leave this bed.

Flower Pot

Krrb — 5 Great Ways to Repurpose Dresser Drawers

Photo: Mommydecorates.com

Finally something I could use, some fresh plants in my apartment and a flower pot to put them in. You’ll have to find the perfect dresser drawer based on how many flower pots you want and how big you want them to be. Place them around your home for some added decoration or out in your front yard—no matter where they go, they’ll look much more unique than your normal round flower pot.

Do you have any ideas of ways to repurpose old dresser drawers? What else do you want to see repurposed? Let us know in the comments.


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