5 Great Ways to Repurpose a Headboard


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Krrb — 5 Great Ways to Repurpose a Headboard

Photo: Awaytogarden.com

We’re all about recycling and reusing but sometimes you’ll find things around the house that feel like they’ve met their final days. That’s where repurposing comes in! Have a headboard that’s just full of junk taking up space? Well, instead of trashing the whole thing—turn it into something new! Start repurposing with one of these fun projects using a headboard.

Flowerbed Headboard

Krrb — 5 Great Ways to Repurpose a Headboard

Photo: Myrepurposedlife.com

Instead of trashing the headboard where you use to rest your head, make it into a flowerbed! Give a growing, green plants a place to rest as they blossom into beautiful flowers. This repurposed headboard flowerbed may take a little longer beginner level DIY projects but it’ll be well worth it in the end. This unique piece will definitely enhance a garden’s look.

Headboard Towel Holder

Krrb — 5 Great Ways to Repurpose a Headboard

Photo: Iheartnaptime.net

I don’t know what your home is like, but I’m getting a little tired of all the towels laying on the bathroom floor. My roommates don’t seem to know how to hang a towel up but with this headboard towel rack how could they ever forget? This DIY project will fit perfectly into a rustic-barn style home with a farm house headboard and is a pretty simple project to complete. Your bathroom will never be the same.

Headboard Chalkboard

Krrb — 5 Great Ways to Repurpose a Headboard

Photo: Knickoftime.net

If you live in a more rural area, take an old headboard and give it a message. This headboard chalkboard is going to look spectacular in the front yard to greet guests. Even if you live in an apartment, this would look nice hanging on the wall with messages for your roommates. Whatever you’ve got to say, this is probably the nicest way to do so.

Garden Gates

Krrb — 5 Great Ways to Repurpose a Headboard

Photo: Awaytogarden.com

This is another excellent DIY project for the garden. Take an antique iron headboard and turn it into a garden gate. Every secret garden needs a good entrance and there’s just something about the way an iron headboard looks that fits so well in a green landscape. It’s as simple as adding a few hinge parts to your headboard. You may not be a master metal worker but why not take some time to learn something new?

Headboard Bench

Krrb — 5 Great Ways to Repurpose a Headboard

Photo: Snapguide.com

Finally our last DIY project is a place for you to sit back and relax. This headboard bench would look amazing in the entry way of any home. Any headboard that you can comfortably rest your back on will do. This 37-step project may take some time but it’s pretty straightforward and to the point. Anyone who knows how to use a saw and a screwdriver can accomplish this project with ease.

Do you have any ideas of ways to repurpose a headboard? What else do you want to see repurposed? Let us know in the comments below.


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