To the Happy Couple – 5 Gift Ideas for Fall Weddings


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Here’s the thing about fall weddings. It’s my experience that the decision defines the couple in one of two ways. Either the newlyweds share a deep love for the outdoors, which can be for aesthetic or sentimental reasons – doesn’t matter, or they are concerned with how everyone appears eternally in photographs. My husband suffers from face-altering allergies during the spring and summer, and my family doesn’t drive in the snow. He and I fell in the latter camp; our friends from California belong to the former one. Regardless, it’s getting chilly outside, and the following five gifts are ideal for two love birds enamored with their fall wedding – for one reason or the other.

Moroccan Wedding Blanket

These warm blankets, known as Tamizart by the Berber women who make them and Handira by their Arab neighbors, are traditional wedding gifts in the rural villages of Morocco. The bride’s mother will begin weaving the blanket when she is still very young, preparing her daughter for a warm journey on camel to her marital home. The process of hand-weaving together the sheep’s wool, linen and sequins is one of giving blessing, bestowing fertility and goodwill upon the marriage. Because Moroccan Wedding Blankets are rare, purposed as family heirlooms rather than the objects of Western trend we see today, you’ll want to shop secondhand for an authentic wedding blanket.

Live Edge Table

This table is for the outdoorsy folks, such as the nephew whom you haven’t seen in years because he hikes mountains from December 23-January 1. Well, now he and his beloved are getting married in a forest up there, and you have the chance to memorialize the day in a single gift. A live edge table is typically made using sustainably sourced American black walnut, cherry, oak or other hardwoods. Each piece is as unique as the couple who receives it, and there are many local designers out there reclaiming fallen trees in order to customize a table for you. If you don’t have time to customize one, these live edge tables are gorgeous and ship worldwide, mountaintops included.

Copper Cookware

Copper is the most effective metal for cooking. It spreads temperature evenly, simmering sauces and stews to perfection. In fact, the superior conductivity of copper changes the temperature of the pot almost immediately, allowing the newlyweds to save not only their expensive vegetables from burning but also the energy bills from skyrocketing. No one can deny the aged beauty of copper cookware, which is why you should keep your eyes peeled for vintage and secondhand pieces on Krrb. Start the couple’s collection with a large piece like this Copper Sauté Pan, or swing by Industrielle Attitude in Los Angeles for a 1950’s Vintage Set.

Landscape Painting

Let’s face facts and admit that many choose to marry in fall for the colors alone. This is good; The theme of color makes gift-giving easy, and a colorful piece of art is timeless. There are many beautiful landscape paintings from which to choose out there, and a few of them might even resemble the wedding location itself. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a magical painting that captures the outdoor location of the altar. If not, go with an abstract piece like The Autumn Light and attach a handwritten note that’s as warm as the colors themselves.

Vintage Tea Set

The future days of every married couple and their families end in tea time. It happens every time a new study examines the caffeine found in coffee or harps on the benefits of H2O. While they’re young, your newlyweds might appreciate owning only the value in a collectible. However, a vintage tea set will gain a new sort of appreciation as the years continue and the coffee pots darken. Selfishly consider full sets like this China Tea Set from the 1920’s for future parties with cousins and grandchildren, or make a subtle hint at how you’d like to spend your quiet afternoon in their new home with this simple Ironstone Teapot.
Do you have any suggestions for fall wedding guests who have yet to purchase the couple’s gift? Share your ideas below!

  • Alexandra Riess

    Thanks for the information, Marion! I had no idea that modern pieces are usually made with some acrylic. Are the ones you have in stock vintage or modern?

  • MJ Futrell

    With an eye to the future I’d recommend any gift that encourages relationship and making memories. Table settings, including but not limited to, china, crystal, silverware, tablecloths and cloth napkins, candlesticks and candles – or even dining furniture. Life is lived around the table where conversations are as important as the meal.

  • marion

    Hi Vanessa,

    I’ve been buying & selling Moroccan Wedding blankets or Handira for the past several years and I’ve learned to spot the vintage piece vs. the modern made blanket. Personally I find both beautiful and each can be used in different applications. Firstly, the vintage handira, made from sheeps wool and cotton, is likely to be smaller and come in varying rectangular sizes whereas the modern piece are usually made with some acrylic and are much larger. I had a client who was allergic to wool, so the modern piece was a better option for her. There will be no two vintage handira alike, each having different patterns of the sequins, wool and cotton tufts. The modern blankets are made in the same pattern, there are different patterns to be found, but you can find more than one in one particular pattern, and sometimes with matching pillows. I once purchased 9 identical modern blankets for a bride to use as table cloths at her wedding reception! The vintage pieces are wonderful to use as throws, wall hangings, and at the end of the bed, but some people are looking for the blanket to cover the entire bed and you can find the modern blankets big enough to cover a king bed. And perhaps the biggest way to distinguish the two is that the vintage handira will have some flaws vs. the new modern piece. Perhaps there are some discolored sequins, a small tear or discoloration, but it’s important to remember there is a past and a story to tell from these vintage pieces as they were handcrafted by the brides family in anticipation of her wedding day, used in the ceremony and thought to bring blessings and good luck to the happy couple. If you have any other questions regarding the blankets I would happy to help!

    I have a couple left in stock, but I’m expecting a big shipment shortly. Here is a discount code to receive 20% off any item in my store THANKS20

  • Vanessa Londono

    Thanks! Will do.

  • Najlae Boujellal

    Hi Vanessa Londono, you can check my Easy store or website for more details about the Moroccan Wedding blankets and I’ll be more than happy to assist you with any questions you might have about these beautiful blankets or the traditions around them.

  • I love the landscape painting idea, especially from a local artist from the region the couple got married in. Great round up :-)

  • Vanessa Londono

    I’ve been coveting Moroccan wedding blankets since the early days of Domino magazine. How can you tell if you have an authentic one?