5 Fashion Accessories Improved with Recycled Materials


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 5 Fashion Accessories Improved with Recycled Materials

Photo: Vuerichb.cc

Buying quality clothing and accessories saves you time and money in the long run but put your money towards well-made items sourced from recycled materials—and you get a win-win on a much bigger scale. Right now, our landfills are full of tons upon tons of discarded goods that can be repurposed into new cool and usable products. The potential of recycled materials is not going unnoticed by savvy designers! I’ve found five accessories made from old tires and the like that don’t compromise on style or sustainability. Keep reading to see what makes these eco-friendly accessories better than their traditional counterparts.

Bike Tube Dopp Kit

 5 Fashion Accessories Improved with Recycled Materials

Photo: Shop.coolmaterial.com

All daily shavers know the hassle of dealing with shaving gear spread out all over the bathroom counter, which is why a dopp kit just makes sense. However what doesn’t make sense are the traditional materials typically used to create Dopp kits, like leather or suede. Considering how a toiletry bag will make numerous appearances in your sink’s splash zone, a waterproof material will fare better over time. The recycled bike tube dopp kit comes in at a fraction of the price of leather and needs virtually no maintenance. A quick wipe with water will have this toiletry bag looking new for a long time to come.

Yoga Mat Sandals

 5 Fashion Accessories Improved with Recycled Materials

Photo: Sanuk.com

The worst part of getting new shoes is breaking them in. But unlike most shoes, these yoga mat sandals are made from real recycled yoga mats so they require no effort on your part and are ready to wear right out of the box. They feature all-day comfort because of the squishy yoga mat footbed and happy U sponge rubber sole. These sandals are the perfect example why buying recycled means doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style or comfort.

Antique Coin Ring

 5 Fashion Accessories Improved with Recycled Materials

Photo: Etsy.com/shop/LuckyLiberty

Metal rings are a dime a dozen, but what if your band was molded from a 1819 Alabama quarter? Well, only then would you have a unique band imbued with character and history that only a true piece of Americana can have. Each of these antique coin rings are handcrafted using traditional tooling techniques to ensure a perfect fit. For a subtle, yet personalized look, choose a coin from a particular year or state that would mean the most significance to you.

Billfold Fire Hose Wallet

 5 Fashion Accessories Improved with Recycled Materials

Photo: Offcyclers.com

No accessory takes a beating quite like a wallet. Constantly being put through the elements of daily life, wallets eventually break down over time due to stress, moisture and handling. Even Tyvek and Ducktape wallets tend to lose their shape after a year or two. This is where the billfold fire hose wallet really shines. This durable bifold is made from decommissioned firehoses that will always retain their original shape and strength. Crafted from a material that can withstand high water pressure, these wallets are built to stand the test of time.

Skateboard Eyeglass Frames

 5 Fashion Accessories Improved with Recycled Materials

Photo: Solsunglasses.com

You can’t get any more summertime than skateboards and sunglasses. So what could be better than combining them into the fun yet functional summer accessory: the skateboard sunglasses. Every frame is made from recycled Canadian maple skateboard decks that are sustainably sourced before they are cut, sanded and hand-crafted into the finished piece. This construction process ends up exposing each layer of stacked wood veneer resulting in colorful pattern. And since the material is lightweight, these frames float on water which makes them a must-have on your next beach trip.

Do you know of other accessories that further prove recycled is better? Let us know in the comments.


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