5 Easy Pieces — Wastebaskets, Trashcans and Other Outlets for Your Purging


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Grab a trashcan and purge your place of clutter.

As part of a series called 5 Easy Pieces, we’ll be gathering our favorite upcycled, re-purposed, vintage, and handmade stuff from around the web for you to buy or make yourself. So stay tuned for quick lists of 5 must-haves and get ready to wish you had thought of that.

Upcycled Foil Trash Can

Old foil and plastic become a functional garbage can. Hipcycle.com/foil-trash-can.html?auto=format

Old foil and plastic become a functional garbage can. Photo: Hipcycle.com

Who knew foil could be so functional (or so cute)? This upcycled foil trash can ($36) is the epitome of trash being turned into treasure.

To pick up this upcycled beauty, visit Hipcycle.com

Rusty Olive Buckets

In this case, rust is a must! Krrb.com/sumaya?auto=format

In this case, rust is a must! Photo: Krrb.com/sumaya?auto=format

Add some vintage charm with these cute olive buckets ($45)! Not only can they be used for garbage, they are completely functional for storing pretty much anything you’d like!

To pick up this vintage charmer, visit Krrb.com/sumaya?auto=format

Eco-friendly Trash Can

Finally, a place for all those horrible plastic bags. uncommongoods.com/product/urbano-eco-trash-can?auto=format

Finally, a place for all those horrible plastic bags. Photo: Uncommongoods.com

This is not your average trash can ($19). Designed for utility, it stores all your unsightly plastic bags and uses them to hold all your garbage. Two birds killed with one stone.

To pick up this two-for-one special, visit Uncommongoods.com

Vintage Handmade Magazine Wastebasket

Magazines reloaded. etsy.com/shop/BettysVintageShop?auto=format

Magazines reloaded. Photo: Etsy.com/shop/BettysVintageShop?auto=format

Some magazines and a little imagination yield this cute vintage handmade wastebasket ($15). This is colorful bin is perfect for a workspace area or the powder room.

To pick up this vintage basket, visit Etsy.com/shop/BettysVintageShop?auto=format

Mobile Trash Can

Trash disposal made mobile. Etsy.com/shop/compelledtocraft?auto=format

Trash disposal made mobile. Photo: Etsy.com/shop/compelledtocraft?auto=format

This mobile trash can is perfect to accompany you in all the places you leave little messes. The hook allows you to hang it up in your car, on your chair or even on your person!

To pick up this mobile trash solution, visit Etsy.com/shop/compelledtocraft?auto=format

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