5 Easy Pieces — The Home Decor Edition


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Porcelain lamps by Farrah Sit are a great addition to any room.

As part of a series called 5 Easy Pieces, we’ll be gathering our favorite upcycled, re-purposed, vintage and handmade stuff from around the web for you to buy or make yourself. So stay tuned for quick lists of 5 must-haves and get ready to wish you had thought of that.


It's like you're Robin Hood!

These arrows by Stacy Foster are whimsical, elegant, and just plain fun. There are so many different colors and they’re all so cool you’ll have a hard time deciding which works best in your home and which might be better suited to the range.

To get swept away in the magic, visit

Wall Decals

Forget the painting, decals really make a room pop.

Now a days you can put whatever you want on your walls and Decor Designs is here to help you. There are plenty of bright beautiful decals to choose from or feel free to have one custom made.

For decals to die for, visit Etsy.com/shop/DecorDesigns.

Porcelain Wall Hangings

Plants bring any space to live, especially in amazing planters like these by Farrah Sit.

Farrah Sit’s amazing porcelain planters with leather straps are designed with the ethos “own less and own well.” We like that. And we also believe that all plants should have such stunning homes.

For more minimalist design, visit Farrah’s Krrb corner.

Beaded Baskets

Fair trade beaded basket from Tanzania. That'll work!

This handmade beaded basket from Tanzania is full of life and would surely spice up any room in your house. Plus, the purchase of each bowl supports education and health care initiatives for marginalized communities in Tanzania. Alright then, sign us up!

For more Fair Trade finds, visit Globalgoodspartners.org.

From the Garden

It's never too early to start thinking Spring!

Although Bella Bobbin makes handmade children’s decor, this little toadstool decoration is great for us big kids, too.

Take look see at some of the great stuff for the little (or not so litte) ones, visit Luulla.com/store/BellaBobbin.

Fill Us In

Tell us what’s missing, what we need to know and who is making heads turn. Share in the comments!

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  • If this lamp is any indication of what’s to come, it sounds like an amazing series!