5 Duos that Mix Friendship and Business


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Photo: Thegraphicsfairy.com

Photo: Thegraphicsfairy.com

It’s February, the month known for chocolate, heart-shaped candy and love. We’re celebrating a particular kind of love, best friends who love each other so much that they’re united in their enterprise. Sure, some people advise against starting a business with your best friend. It’s kind of like getting married: does the friendship improve the new relationship, or does the new relationship ruin the friendship? Of course, results vary for different people, but these duos found a formula that works. Check out the following ten best friends who work together with no regrets.

Britt + Jess


Britt and Jess of the Stepford Mom Experiment are here to deconstruct what it means to be the perfect mother from the 1950’s (cue any advertisement from that time period) and reveal what it really means to raise children and look good doing it. While Britt tells us, “I knew out of everything that I wanted it to be a blog filled with encouragement,” Jess reminds us that the blog and their lives are better that the ads depicting Mid-century women: “Its better because its real … It’s a little chaotic, it’s pretty stressful at times, it’s mostly comical and a whole lot of fun, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.” In fact some of my favorite articles by the two besties are housed in the categories Messy Mondays and Girl Talk, such as The Truth About Moving and Best Friends Are The Best.

Brock + Chris


The cool thing about Brock and Chris of Yummertime is that they let their photographs and blogposts speak for themselves. There’s no solidified, till-death-do-us-part announcement of who they are. A new blog post coincides with a new day, and even their About page is totally un-telling, bar the display of alliteration, “Sappy.Serial.San Francisco.” The rest of the blog and their relationship is about unpacking that, embracing the change in what each word means to them at different points in their lives and keeping those words as guiding lights. The categories Discoveries and Things never fail to disappoint us here at Krrb, with two best friends discussing everything from the thought process of going to a country fair to the daily struggles of being adults.

Dara + Belle


Dara and Belle are new to the blogging scene, but we have high hopes for anyone strengthened by long distance relationships. With Rachel ‘Dara’ living in Atlanta and Kell ‘Belle’ in New York, their blog Dara & Belle is a beautiful intersection of two worlds. The friends blog about things that “make them happy,” from style to decor. Because of their outgoing personalities (Dara: “I could eat Chinese [food] for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”) and winsome sense of humor (Belle: “I am not a cook, but I can make the table look pretty.”), you’re sure to find a friend, indeed, in this duo.

Heather + Vanessa


The two sisters behind At The Picket Fence are also blogging with distance between them, but in this case it seems that distance makes hearts grow only fonder. While Heather, “the…ahem…younger of the two sisters of At the Picket Fence,” lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two children, Vanessa, “the…ahem…self-admitted oldest of the two sisters of At The Picket Fence,” raises her family in Kentucky with her “very own southern gentleman ‘Bama Boy.'” I fell in love with their thoughts on talking to your kids about adoption and was inspired by Heather’s journey to health. If you’re looking to be a part of an endearing sisterhood and the tales that they tell, these two best friends are to be remembered.

Joshua + Ryan



Joshua and Ryan are well-known in the world of best friend blogs. After having quit their glamorous, well-paying corporate jobs to live simple, more fulfilling lives the two buds deemed themselves The Minimalists and took flight shortly thereafter. Blogging about how to live a meaningful life with less stuff for 4 million readers, Joshua and Ryan teach us how to need, want and like ‘things’ along with showing us a minimalist approach to technology. I must say that the latter is an interesting read, coming from folks who have bought their freedom from technology itself.

Have you and your best friend gone into business together? Share your success with us in the comment section!

  • Jars

    I love being around my best friends – I have several groups of them from different parts and times of my life. At the Picket Fence, or a blog like it, sounds like it a great way to deepen my relationship with my sister best friends. The Minimalists podcasts is bookmarked for further listening/reading. Thanks for introducing the idea of business with best friends!

  • Jars

    I have several best friend groups from different times and places. It’s interesting to think about the possibilities of turning work into pleasure working alongside these besties. I’m intrigued by At the Picket Fence, what a great way to keep in touch with best-sister-friends! I’ve bookmarked The Minimalist so that I can hear the podcasts at my leisure. Thanks for a great article about best friend businesses.