5 Art Museums Breaking New Ground


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5 Art Museums Breaking New Ground

Photo: Photosofpeoplelookingatart.tumblr.com

There’s no better way to spend the day than taking in the sights at your local art museum. But what elevates an ordinary trip to an art museum to an extraordinary one? Well, we think it has do with innovation, originality, and discovery. As Goethe once said, “A museum should never be finished, but boundless and ever in motion.” Say goodbye to the old stuffy galleries of the past and say hello to our list of the top five art museums breaking new ground across the globe!

Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, Chicago

5 Art Museums Breaking New Ground

Photo: Facebook.com/lucasculturalartsmuseum

From the mind of filmmaker George Lucas, comes the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art located on Chicago’s Lake Michigan waterfront. The opening date has yet to be determined, but this museum boasts that it “will be a first-of-its kind institution, designed to serve as the country’s premiere venue for understanding the connections and lineage of illustrative and visual art.” Fully funded by George Lucas, the LMNA will spare no amount of money to offer the best programming for children, families, and schools in fields such as animation, fashion, cinematic design, and painting. This museum will work in conjunction with Lucas’s educational foundation, Edutopia, to improve learning for children and young adults through art. Take George Lucas’s sound advice, “the best way to understand narrative art is to experience it,” and plan a trip to the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art.

Morbid Anatomy, Brooklyn

5 Art Museums Breaking New Ground

Photo: Facebook.com/morbidanatomy

Hailing near the infamously toxic Gowanus Canal, the Morbid Anatomy Museum celebrates all things morbid or otherwise deemed, odd. All 4,200 square feet are filled with “artifacts, histories and ideas which fall between the cracks of high and low culture, death and beauty, and disciplinary divides”. Not only does this museum host temporary exhibitions from private collections never before seen, but they also have a permanent research library open to the public. And if that’s not cool enough, check out their site to see how you can attend a lecture or workshop on such topics like, bejeweled skeletons or mouse taxidermy. Break taboos and see what’s on the other side at the new Morbid Anatomy Museum. $10 General Admission.

Nepal Children’s Art Museum, Kathmandu

5 Art Museums Breaking New Ground

Photo: Facebook.com/NepalChildrensArtMuseum

The very first children’s art museum in Nepal has opened its doors this past month. The Nepal Children’s Art Museum will fill a growing need for a creative and educational outlet for kids in the area. Founder and President Sneha Shrestha says, “In Nepal, we needed a space where art and education come together in a very informal way. We are trying to make learning fun by adding art to it and letting children’s imagination go wild.” The museum is offering hands-on creative experiences for schoolchildren such as summer and winter art camps and they are also focusing on promoting literacy through art with their alphabet workshops. Currently housed in a 2-room space, you can help grow the Nepal Children’s Museum with your donations and celebrate what greatness comes when you support a child’s creative exploration!

Live Coal Gallery, Detroit

5 Art Museums Breaking New Ground

Photo: Facebook.com/livecoalgallery

Detroit is a city rich with culture, and artist Yvette Rock is making sure we celebrate it. She recently converted the first floor of her house into a public space showcasing the art of Detroit’s youth. Situated on Trumbull street in midtown, this little gallery offers a unique art museum experience for families. Rock explains how the Live Coal Gallery got it’s name because, “when a coal is set ablaze, it can burn brightly. However, if it remains by itself, it cools quickly and will not reach its full potential or purpose. When burning coals come together, the heat generated is immense. Burning coals power whole cities. They have the potential to completely alter their environment—it is heated coal under pressure that produces one of Earth’s hardest materials and most precious gems.” The gallery includes a pop-up cafe, an art shop, and a kid’s center with regular art camps. See how the Live Coal Gallery has been heating things up for the past year in the motor city. $5 General Admission.

Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris

5 Art Museums Breaking New Ground

Photo: Fondationlouisvuitton.fr

The controversial and strikingly beautiful art museum, Fondation Louis Vuitton, is set to open this October in one of Paris’s largest parks, the Bois de Boulogne. Bernard Arnualt, CEO of luxury good conglomerate LVMH, is responsible for the museum. He said “We wanted to present Paris with an extraordinary place for art and culture, and demonstrate daring and emotion by entrusting Frank Gehry with the construction of a building that is emblematic of the 21st century.” While the project has been stalled in the past, this museum is continuing on schedule and when completed will be a “space that opens up a dialogue with a wider public and provides artists and intellectuals with a platform for debate and reflection.” If the building itself is any representation of the art it will showcase, the Fondation Louis Vuitton is one contemporary art museum you won’t want to miss.

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