5 Apps for Spring Cleaning Your Digital Life


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5 Apps for Spring Cleaning Your Digital Life

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Spring cleaning is more than a ritual. The physical act aids our mind, body and soul and invigorates us. It helps us to feel lighter, organized and more prepared. Your tech life is no exception. These five services will aid you in your quest to simplify and ease your transition to spring. Did we mention they’re all free? Just remember, as technology changes, so will your habits and digital organization plans. Luckily, spring cleaning comes every year and with it, new apps and services to keep you up to date and ready to go, even on the go.


This is a must-try service for anyone overwhelmed by subscriptions and promotional lists. (So basically anyone with an email address!) From one place, you can choose which emails you’d like to keep receiving and which you’d prefer never to see again. Emails you want to continue receiving go into one email you get every morning. Pro tip: Many sites have multiple emails for different promotions and you may have to unsubscribe from each one. Unroll.Me makes this easy with a list of all your subscriptions that you can easily unsubscribe from with the click of your mouse.


Using the same password for every site? Can’t remember more than 52 passwords? LastPass records and stores usernames and passwords in a “vault” only you can easily access. Login to your LastPass account with a master password (make this one a good one) and you’ve got the rest right at your fingertips. Unlike other services like Dashlane, LastPass offers a Chrome extension so it will always be available anytime you log in to Chrome. Pro tip: Though LastPass is a free service, they also offer a Premium Plan which allows you to sync your account on all devices and access your passwords on their mobile app. For $12/yr, this is beyond a steal and well worth the cost for access on the go. Bottom line? One LastPass master password makes your not-so-protected Google doc of passwords obsolete and frees up some precious brain space too.


This email app (and Gmail plug-in) allows you to delay or “snooze” emails until a time you’re ready to deal with them. You can also schedule your own outgoing messages. Forego the excessive reminder emails you send to yourself cluttering up your inbox. While the Boomerang service is only currently available to Gmail users, the function is rumored to be expanding to other platforms. You’ll never miss a message again! Pro tip: This app also schedules your emails so they’ll never get buried in your recipient’s inbox.


Both Clean My Mac and Clean My PC work behind the scenes on your machine. These free downloads clean your cache and find old files you no longer need. It’s the perfect purging helper for your desktop or laptop.


As smartphone cameras get more refined, our files get larger and we find ourselves taking 27 photos of a single sunset in order to get the perfect shot for Instagram. What happens to the other 26 photos? Probably not a lot. It’s time to stop being lazy and clean out the cobwebs in your photo storage. (In this case, the cobwebs are the blurry hi-res images clogging up your memory). The app offers an easy and effective interface that allows you to delete photos quickly by dragging and organize the keepers in personalized albums or with user-generated tags. By uncluttering your phone before you back it up, you’ll save space and time on your desktop and cloud storage too! Currently Photoful is available for iPhone. Smart Album is an Android alternative.

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