5 Affordable Products to Help You Conserve Water


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5 Affordable Products to Help You Conserve Water

Photo: Unsplash.com/danwatson

Water conservation has never been a more pressing issue. From mandatory lawn watering restrictions to moratoriums on swimming pools, water is a commodity we all need to be protecting and using wisely. Installing water conservation systems in your home can be costly but these products are simple ways to save money and water. Start by picking up a faucet aerator at your local hardware store. These only cost a few bucks and can be screwed into your indoor faucet heads, reducing the amount of water going out by mixing in air. Whether you incorporate one or several of these products to your home, you’ll be making a difference by reducing the amount of water you use.

Olla Ceramic Bottles

5 Affordable Products to Help You Conserve Water

Photo: Ollaterracottabottles.com

Watering your plants and trees is necessary but you can more effectively water your garden with these Olla Ceramic Bottles from Cutting Edge Ceramics. These terra cotta clay pots are buried with the mouth of the bottle just above the soil. You fill it with water which seeps through the clay naturally and the roots only take what they need. Very little water is lost to evaporation or run-off. You just need to check the bottles from time to time to refill them. It saves water and is a smaller investment than automatic drip systems. $20-24.

Hughie’s Removable Kitchen Sink

5 Affordable Products to Help You Conserve Water

Photo: Homeideasmag.com

We use a lot of water daily washing dishes and produce in the kitchen sink. Reuse this grey water instead of letting it go down the drain. With Hughie’s Removable Kitchen Sink, you can capture up to 80 percent of grey water for other uses around the home like washing your car or watering the plants. The design is versatile and fits just about any kitchen sink. You can also use this Hughie’s sink in the bathtub or laundry. $25.

Dish Squeegee

5 Affordable Products to Help You Conserve Water

Photo: Lightningstruckitself.blogspot.com

If you’re on dish duty, get yourself a Dish Squeegee to help with the job. This handy kitchen tool replaces the time and water wasted when rinsing food off the dirty dishes. With no need to pe-rinse a sinkful of pots and pans, you’ll save a few gallons of water daily. $6.99.

Watersaver Diverter

5 Affordable Products to Help You Conserve Water

Photo: Rainbarrelman.com

This clever invention captures water from your gutters and funnels it into a grey water reservior. The WaterSaver Diverter then sends water (via a hose) into a rain barrel. Once that’s full, the unit sends extra water down the gutter’s downspout. During a steady rainfall, you can fill a 55-gallon rain barrel in a few hours. That’s a pretty easy way to save on water! $36.

Perfect Flush

5 Affordable Products to Help You Conserve Water

Photo: Ecofriend.com

Without having to purchase a new toilet, you can make yours green by reducing the amount of water it uses with each flush. The add-on unit from Brondell has two buttons allowing the user to either flush using a full tank of water or use a half flush—saving up to 50 percent water. $99.


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