4 Ideas for Swap Parties


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Krrb — 4 Ideas for Swap Parties

Decluttering your life can be a challenge! Whether you’ve got a collection of old books getting dusty on the shelf or a pile of clothes that just don’t quite fit right anymore, it’s there and it’s taking up more room than it needs to. How do you get rid of all of these space wasters? I know sometimes it may be hard to let go but by hosting or attending a swap party, you can get rid of some of these items and pick up a few that are new to you!

Clothing Swap

Krrb — 4 Ideas for Swap Parties

This is probably your most basic swap idea. I’ve got plenty of clothes that I just don’t really like anymore. It either fits funny or really isn’t my style, so there they sit in a plastic bag in my room. I also have plenty of friends who are smallish sized men like myself and I’ve seen them in some cool threads I’d like to steal. Well instead of being a thief, hosting a clothing swap is a great way to get rid of some clothes you don’t want, while nabbing a few of your friend’s items you’ve been eyeing for some time now. If you aren’t up to hosting, you can find an even bigger swap event planned by the pros like the Swapaholics or others.

Book Swap

Krrb — 4 Ideas for Swap Parties

Are you a big reader? Some people like to keep every book they’ve ever read and that’s fine. But for those of us who don’t have a library-sized home, it’s often difficult to hold onto books that we’ll never read again. This applies to children as well. Is your 10-year old really ever going to read Everyone Poops again? I sure hope not! Swap it with a friend who’s 2-year old is just starting to potty train. Why not host a book swap in your neighborhood with some friends?

Food Swap

Krrb — 4 Ideas for Swap Parties

Now this next swap isn’t necessarily held due to clutter but who doesn’t love a reason to eat a bunch of different food? Get together with your friends or local foodies and get a taste of everyone’s cooking. Non-perishable items are probably your best bet so that everyone can walk away with tasty treats to snack on at home but I don’t think anyone will be made at fresh foods on the table. Putting together your own food swap can be as fun and simple as throwing a potluck and you’ll leave just as full and satisfied!

Vinyl Swap

Krrb — 4 Ideas for Swap Parties

My parents had a wild record collection that they completely trashed because vinyl was “outdated technology.” Little did they know they were raising an analog junkie who would have loved to have some of those “useless” Beatles and Stix records. There’s no better way to sift through someone else’s collection looking for that gem of a record that your parents threw out! Let us know if you’re planning your own Vinyl Swap or check out the Vinyl Junkie Record Swap in San Diego!

What about you? What items do you want to swap? Let us know and maybe we can help you start a swap party!

  • Linda Wicker Beard

    Have been to charity clothing drives in PA each year where the prices were so good that they were almost giving the clothes away.

  • That’s great! We love swap parties and I love records. Have you been to any other types of swap parties?

  • Linda Wicker Beard

    Have been to record swaps and found lots of great records and had lots of fun. Junior Leagues in different cities have clothes swaps where the monies they collect go to different charities. They’re a win/win deal for everyone involved,