25 Reasons to Have a Staycation in San Francisco


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Oh beautiful, foggy San Francisco. With summertime in full swing, now is the perfect time to get some rest and relaxation. If your idea of a good time doesn’t include traveling too far then a staycation in the city is perfect for you! Let’s find some fun things for you to do with your staycation this summer.

Photo: Atlasobscura.com

Photo: Atlasobscura.com

1. Look up but try not to be frightened. Walking down Howard St. you’ll come across Defenestration, an art installation of furniture falling out of the building. Lucky for you, it’s all held in place with earthquake-proof brackets.

2. Maybe you don’t want your art to look like it’s falling on you. Pop on over to the Institute of Illegal Images to see a very niche kind of art. If your niche is art found on LSD tabs or you’re just looking for a flashback to your younger days, the museum is sure to do that. The tabs are framed and also drugless, so you don’t have to worry about being busted!

3. Speaking of hallucinations, Crown & Crumpet is far from your normal tea room. The pop-victorian tea room looks like something an 11-year old girl would design and yet, somehow it still manages to work. The extensive list of teas is nothing to laugh at either.

4. Post-tea time is here and what better way to top of the afternoon then with a ride on the Zeum Carousel. Found in San Francisco’s Children’s Museum—the carousel has been filling the hearts of children with joy for over 100 years! That’s a lot of kids.

5. Fan of movies? Stop at the iconic Hotel Vertigo where the film, you guessed it, Vertigo was shot. It’s still open to this day so you can take a night away from home and catch some zzz’s.

Photo: Untappedcities.com

Photo: Untappedcities.com

6. Head down to Divisadero Street to see what all the hubbub is about with the food scene. NOPA is a rustic American-style restaurant serves up the best in local ingredients and specializes in wood-fired cuisine. Yum!

7. NOPA can often be quite crowded, so if you aren’t looking to wait too long for food head over one block to sister-restaurant Nopalito. A Mexican-style restaurant with fresh ingredients and delicious dishes.

8. Back on Divisadero Street and need a cup o’ joe? Head over the The Mill and grab a cup of drip coffee and piece of house made bread.

9. Maybe you’re looking for something a little more Italian. Head over to Little Star Pizza. If you’re a meat lover, ask for the Brass Monkey pizza, it might not be on the menu but they’ll know what you’re talking about.

10. Over on Church Street you can get some tasty pies at Chile Pies. Whether you’re in the mood for savory or sweet, they’ve got you covered.

Photo: Untappedcities.com

Photo: Untappedcities.com

11. Want to get out of the busy city for a bit? Head to the 2,571-foot peak of Mount Tamalpais State Park to take in the beautiful scenery and fresh air.

12. While you’re at Mount Tamalpais stop by the Gravity Car Barn museum! See the history of the railway and learn some other fun facts along the way.

13. Is the beach more your thing? Take the Coastal Trail to Mile Rock Beach for some fun in the sun on the Pacific Ocean.

14. Leave the beach for wine country! Russian River Valley is perfect for the wine-o in the Bay Area. While taking in the delectable Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, you can also take in the beautiful 10,000 acre view.

15. Take a hike to Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve for some peace and quiet in the busy city. This 61-acre area is perfect for a little city getaway.

Photo: Atlasobscura.com

Photo: Atlasobscura.com

16. There’s beautiful nature all around San Francisco, but what about the art? The First Sea-Punk Mural. The Sea-Punk movement may seem a little silly but it sure is strong in the San Francisco area.

17. Looking for more traditional art work? The Court of Pacifica is home to the Pacific Unity Sculptures that represent the different cultures of the Pacific nations.

18. If you’re looking for a spookier alternative, take a stroll through Mission Dolores Cemetery. It’s the oldest burial ground in the city so you’re bound to see some old souls!

19. Pop into Paxton Gate if you’re looking to keep the spooky streak alive. Full of natural curiosities, carnivorous plants, and costumed taxidermied mice, this place is perfect for any fan of dead stuffed animals (me)!

20. The privately funded Prelinger Library boasts a collection of over 50,000 books, periodical, and other pieces of print material. To connect the gap between digital an analog, the library also offers up to 4,000 e-books.

Photo: Untappedcities.com

Photo: Untappedcities.com

21. Do one touristy thing on your staycay and visit Postcard Row, 710-722 Steiner Street. Yes, yes, it’s the view from Full House so technically you have to do it.

22. So you’re more of a Captain Jack Sparrow than a Danny Tanner. The Pirate Store is for you! Grab some gear and get ready to swab the poop deck!

23. Loved to Death is another great store for all your vintage and taxidermy needs. Take a peak at all the great vintage shops San Francisco has to offer.

24. In the Sunset district you’ll find the beautiful Secret Tiled Staircase. 163 steps of mosaic tile make up this unique staircase.

25. Finally, after all that sight seeing you’re gonna need a drink. Grab a seat at Bourbon & Branch for some delicious cocktails and delightful discussions.

What about you? What are you favorite staycation spots in San Francisco?


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