4 Corners – The Floral Edition

4 Corners – The Floral Edition

Florals for all occasions.

Welcome to “4 Corners” where we hunt through Krrb’s listings for four different takes and great finds based on just one word. Today’s word: Floral!

Vintage Victorian Hand Bag in Rochester, New York

4 Corners – The Floral Edition

A floral bag of tricks. Photo: Krrb.com/secondseed

This floral embroidered vintage purse ($295) is a wonderful springtime accessory and will add texture to any outfit.

Get it here: Krrb.com/secondseed

Vintage Arm Chair in Upper West Side, Manhattan

4 Corners – The Floral Edition

The tropics meets home decor! Photo: Krrb.com/6204

Bring a pop of color to your space with this vintage arm chair ($90). It’s the perfect accent for an empty corner.

Get it here: Krrb.com/6204

Watercolor Floral Tight in Willamsburg, Brooklyn

4 Corners – The Floral Edition

A garden with legs. Photo: Krrb.com/lifecurated

During transitional weather, pump up your outfit with printed tights. These floral ones ($19) are great to usher in the spring!

Get it here: Krrb.com/lifecurated

Shea Butter & Orange Blossom Lotion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

4 Corners – The Floral Edition

Orange you glad this smells so good? Photo: Krrb.com/brewcitybotanicals

The wintery season can be harsh on skin. This shea butter & orange blossom lotion ($12) is rich enough to restore skin to it’s former glory.

Get it here: Krrb.com/brewcitybotanicals

Did we miss something? Did we chose one of your corner items and you want to add something? Let us know and post below…

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