2013: We Dream of the Mighty Mai Tai


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Mid Century Modern Sheaf Bamboo Table By McGuire

This Mid Century Modern Sheaf Bamboo Table By McGuire had us dreaming of Mai Tai’s and backyard barbecues from the moment we laid eyes on it.

Happy New Year! It’s only two days into 2013 and already we’re freezing! So while we shiver away on the eastern seaboard we sometimes like to dream of the warmer months to come and every once in a while we stumble across a piece of furniture that let’s us do that like no other. Enter this beaut — a mid century bamboo sheathed gem by McGuire that had us ready to whip out the blender and barbecue on first sighting. For only $150.00 from MissionMod why not get your summer started early?

Summer starts now

Summer starts now!


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