4 Corners — The Dazzling Sparkle Edition

4 Corners — The Dazzling Sparkle Edition

Any way you put it, find some razzle dazzle sparkle on Krrb.

Welcome to “4 Corners” where we hunt through Krrb’s listings for four different takes and great finds based on just one word. Today’s word: Sparkle!

Druzy Post Earrings in San Francisco, California

4 Corners — The Dazzling Sparkle Edition

These druzy earrings will glimmer in the sunlight. Photo: Krrb.com/Friedasophie

These simple gold posts ($89) are full of sparkle. The silver-gray stone is known to calm and sooth stressed minds.

Get it here: Krrb.com/Friedasophie

Retro Red Flounce Dress in Toronto, Canada

4 Corners — The Dazzling Sparkle Edition

Slip on this retro flounce dress and you're ready to shimmer all night. Photo: Krrb.com/carillioncollectibles

A vintage Louis Feraud dress ($35) with sparkles is fun addition to a wardrobe. We think it will transition well from a day at the office to dancing all night.

Get it all here: Krrb.com/Carillioncollectibles

Vintage Glass and Acrylic Lamps in Woodside, Queens

4 Corners — The Dazzling Sparkle Edition

Double your sparkle with matching acrylic lamps. Photo: Krrb.com/JeniJaques

Circa 1950’s, these recently re-wired lamps ($25) are fully functional. Just polish the faceted acrylic base and you’ll have plenty of reflected light.

Get it here: Krrb.com/JeniJaques

Mod Space Age Cocktail Table in Flushing, Queens

4 Corners — The Dazzling Sparkle Edition

This mirrored table is fun way to add an element of mod to a room. Photo: Krrb.com/11556

A circular mirror topped table like this retro one ($200) has a Space Odyssey feel to it. Load up on shine with this unique find.
Get it here: Krrb.com/11556

Did we miss something? Did we chose one of your corner items and you want to add something? Let us know and post below…

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