The Hot Corner — Rachel Forman in Washington, D.C.

The Hot Corner — Rachel Forman in Washington, D.C.

When it comes to cool vintage furniture, Rachel's got the best finds in the D.C. area.

As part of the series called The Hot Corner, we’ll be featuring Krrb corners that catch our eye with their well-curated inventory. Whether it’s upcycled, secondhand, vintage or handmade, be sure to see for yourself why we think these Krrbsters have it going on.

Rachel Forman has always been a thrifty scavenger, collecting those older “they-just-don’t-make-things-like-that-anymore” type items along the way. Lucky for us, there’s only so many vintage dressers and end tables that she can fit in her apartment. Recently Rachel started offering her design services around the D.C area, including finding deals, selling secondhand items and even refurbishing furniture. According to her, there is a large population of young professionals who want their apartments to be stylish and unique, and they are happy to have a “pre-loved” item with good bones if it means paying less.

Watching Rachel’s business profit on this idea is why we find her Krrb corner so hot. See for yourself what strategies Rachel is using to sell in our nation’s capital.

The Hot Corner — Rachel Forman in Washington, D.C.

Inject a little history into your home with a mid-century footstool.

People are constantly moving in and out of the city, often on short notice, so there’s a lot of product floating around, says Rachel. She has an advantage on the young professionals in the District who don’t have cars, the time or the will to comb the metro DC area for good finds.

After registering her business, Rachel’s goal is to have about ten items for sale on Krrb at any given time, with a couple others in the pipeline. She sells a variety of stuff, some vintage finds mixed with ordinary items her friends are unloading. Her two rules are that it has to be something that she, herself wouldn’t mind owning, and it has to be priced competitively so buyers are truly getting a good value.

The Hot Corner — Rachel Forman in Washington, D.C.

How cool is this phonograph?

Visit Rachel’s Krrb corner often to find the best deals in D.C. You can also follow her on Twitter @furnishmeDC to see what refurbishing projects she’s working on.


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