Krrb Presents Quicks Tips — A How-To Video on Caring For Air Plants

We know you have no time for long-winded how-to’s so we’ll keep it short. In under a minute, Quick Tips are here to help you with life’s little lessons. So unless you get caught up watching hundreds in a row, which – warning – you just might, you can quickly get back to monitoring your news feeds or whatever you were doing. Check out the full video series here.

Caring for your average house plant is hard enough when dirt is involved. Maintaining air plants which don’t root in soil but rather get their moisture and nutrients from water and the air is a whole different level of horticulture. Zsuzsanna Barbu, the creative green thumb behind Roots in Rust combines air plants and industrial elements for unique home decor. She gives us a quick lesson on caring for these rootless beauties. To see more of her sculptural designs, check out Roots in Rust’s Krrb corner.

  • Rebecca

    Thanks for the info!

  • BB

    Very informative.  Can’t wait to see my air plants have flowers like yours.  Maybe I’ll get some more from you.

  • crimson queen japanese maple

    well presented.. thanks a lot

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