Quick Picks – Antique

Quick Picks – Antique

This Oshkosh trunk from 1908 is ancient. Photo: Krrb.com/LuisFernandoRestoration

Welcome to “Quick Picks” where we scour Krrb for remarkable finds and amazing pieces guided by just one word. Today’s word: Antique!

Bohemian Serving Set in Brooklyn, New York

Quick Picks – Antique

Serve your guests dessert on this colorful dish set. Photo: Krrb.com/LIZZY

A Bohemian Serving Set ($25) is a beautiful way to serve your guests. The antique dish collection can be found on Lux Lifestyle’s Krrb corner. While the fashionista only has one set, you can pick up a vintage marching band jacket ($99) and Jill Stuart handbag ($125).

Get it all here: Krrb.com/LIZZY

Liquor Cabinet in Los Angeles, California

Quick Picks – Antique

A radio console functions as a liquor cabinet. Photo: Krrb.com/reclaimmend

A liquor cabinet ($625) on Reclaimmend’s Krrb corner is created out of a water-damaged radio console. The repurposed cabinet is just of many refurbished antiques found on Reclaimmend’s Krrb corner.

Get it all here: Krrb.com/reclaimmend

Sewing Machine/Side Table in Bronx, New York

Quick Picks – Antique

Collect this prized antique — an iron sewing machine from 1927. Photo: Krrb.com/9430

You can spend all day browsing the antique goods on Vlntr’s Krrb corner. The sewing machine/side table ($300) dates back to the 1920s and is working order. If you’re in the market for unique antiques, be sure to check out this Bronx-based corner.

Get it here: Krrb.com/9430

Antique Khotan Rug in Oak Park, Illinois

Quick Picks – Antique

This antique Samarkand rug is from Khotan in western China. Photo: Krrb.com/oakparkantiques

Check out Oak Park Antiques’s Krrb corner for a variety of antique rugs and arts and craft-style furniture. We were taken by the colors of an Antique Khotan Rug ($5,200).

Get it all here: Krrb.com/oakparkantiques

Vintage Cine-Kodak Camera in Brooklyn, New York

Quick Picks – Antique

An antique Cine Kodak Magazine 8 is perfect for the cinephile in your life. Photo: Krrb.com/9135

A budding filmmaker will love playing with Vintage Cine-Kodak Camera and the accompanied lens and light meter. Elise’s Krrb corner also has a Nintendo Wii ($150) and Kodak digital camera ($40) for those who want more current electronics.

Get it all here: Krrb.com/9135

Royal Junior Typewriter in Brooklyn, New York

Quick Picks – Antique

Don't you want to dust off this Royal Junior Typewriter and get to writing. Photo: Krrb.com/SanfordandSvens

Browsing the antique furniture and accessories on Sanford and Sven’s Krrb corner is a blast to the past. We have our eye on a Royal Junior Typewriter ($60) and a 1918 Standard Computing Scale ($275) both of which feel antiquated.

Get it all here: Krrb.com/SanfordandSvens

Gold Tassel Necklace in Manhattan, New York

Quick Picks – Antique

This is one antique you'll love to wear! Photo: Krrb.com/lanielynn

You won’t be able to get enough of the eye candy on Lanie Lynn’s Krrb corner. Our latest obsession is a gold plated tassel necklace ($175) to jazz up any outfit. We’re also drawn to the semi-precious stone and gold combination of a vintage watch bracelet ($140).

Get it all here: Krrb.com/lanielynn

Antique Sofa in Brooklyn, New York

Quick Picks – Antique

This antique sofa makes a colorful statement. Photo: Krrb.com/cocokoko

Cocokoko’s Krrb corner is offering a few antique treasures. This antique sofa ($700) has ornate detailing in the wood.

Get it all here: Krrb.com/cocokoko

Traveling Leather Trunk in Manhattan, New York

Quick Picks – Antique

This antique traveling chest made of alligator skin has many a story. Photo: Krrb.com/FurnishGreen

An antique traveling leather trunk ($465) packs a lot of character for its size. Furnish Green’s Krrb corner also has a vintage kitchen pantry ($404) for additional storage in a small kitchen. And a pair of mid-century chairs for $72, is a perfect find for any home.

Get it all here: Krrb.com/FurnishGreen

Did we miss something? Did we chose one of your corner items and you want to add something? Let us know and post below…

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