Antique vs Vintage vs Used

Antique vs Vintage vs Used

Seoul Korea's P'ungmul flea market. Photo: Moreska's Flickr page.

Now that vintage is back and recycling is cool and flea markets are the new Disney World, it’s easy to get lost in the lexicon of our industry. When does something go from used to vintage to antique? And how does a reseller use poetic license to paint a picture of worth, exchanging descriptors like rusty for weathered and tacky for kitsch. Do we let them? Is it better that way? And what about the true definitions like mid-century modern or the difference between a couch, sofa and davenport, or refurbished versus upcycled? Surly there are important differences that affect our purchases and interest, no? And who makes the rules and do they matter? This all swirls though my heart as I peruse Krrb ad nauseam and flitter from flea to flea, wondering if context is the whole difference. Because I saw that LA gear tshirt at The Good Will and it was hideous at 4.99, but somehow on this sparse rack for 20 dollars, I’m inclined to think its the perfect addition to my closet.

Just a thought…

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