Quick Picks – History

Quick Picks – History

Americana history lives on with this early 1900s sign. Photo: Krrb.com/6221

Welcome to “Quick Picks” where we scour Krrb for remarkable finds and amazing pieces guided by just one word. Today’s word: History!

Shades of Blue Statement Necklace in West Peoria, Illinois

Quick Picks – History

The blue tones of this handmade necklace will flatter everyone. Photo: Krrb.com/loveheylola

A Shades of Blue Statement Necklace ($70) on LoveHeyLola’s Krrb corner is one of many pieces handmade from recycled chains and beads. Jewelry like Forget Me Not Tied in a Bow Ring ($8) has character and feels a bit historic.

Get it all here: Krrb.com/LoveHeyLola

Independence Tote Bag in Bordeaux, France

Quick Picks – History

Wear a little piece of history. Photo: Krrb.com/meherio68

Meherio68’s Krrb corner is an outlet for the crafter’s projects. An Independence Tote Bag is inspired by the plaque stating the location of the Final Peace Treaty which granted America freedom from England. She also has a Fangs Belly Button Piercing for sale.

Get it all here: Krrb.com/Meherio68

St Louis Pencil Sketches Book in Austin, Texas

Quick Picks – History

Frame and hang the pages of this sketchbook. Photo: Krrb.com/BountyHuntress

There is no better place than Angela’s Krrb corner for fun vintage finds. We love her great idea of framing St. Louis Pencil Sketches Book ($9.99) for an affordable take on art.

Get it here: Krrb.com/BountyHuntress

Vintage Humor in Wellington, Kentucky

Quick Picks – History

Add this historic humor reader to your library. Photo: Krrb.com/hazelcatkins

HazelCatkins’s Krrb corner has collected a variety of vintage books. We love the Vintage Humor ($10) take on Roman history. Other top contenders include Vintage How To of Taxidermy ($10) and A Child’s Guide to Freud ($10).

Get it all here: Krrb.com/Hazelcatkins

A Brief Moment in the Battle for Utopia in Brooklyn, New York

Quick Picks – History

This colorful print is a great conversation piece. Photo: Krrb.com/welcometocompany

Welcome to Company’s Krrb corner is the place to go for innovative artwork. History buffs will be drawn to A Brief Moment in the Battle for Utopia ($30) made by Melissa Murray. The same artist also made Hood ($25), another limited edition print.

Get it all here: Krrb.com/welcometocompany

Keys of Old in Brooklyn, New York

Quick Picks – History

Small tokens of history make a beautiful piece of jewelry. Photo: Krrb.com/alchemyjewelry

On Alchemy Jewelry, designer Pam Meyer creates pieces with castings of industrial artifacts from the machine age incorporating history into wearable art. We love the symbolic Keys of Old passed down generations.

Get it all here: Krrb.com/alchemyjewelry

Subway Sign Print in New York, New York

Quick Picks – History

The history of NYC's rails live on in signage. Photo: Krrb.com/6221

Flying Junction’s Krrb corner makes art out of historical subway signage. The Brooklyn Subway Sign print ($199) is our top choice.

Get it all here: Krrb.com/6221

Natural History Diorama: Ostriches vs. Boars in Brooklyn, New York

Quick Picks – History

Enjoy a diorama from the Museum of Natural History in your own home. Photo: Krrb.com/tonky

Tonky’s Krrb corner showcases a wide range of art from the Brooklyn artist. Check out his Natural History Diorama ($150), a c-print of the exhibit in New York’s American Museum of Natural History. We also love the absurdity of the Justin Beaver print ($20).

Get it all here: Krrb.com/tonky

KnollTextiles Book in Weehawken, New Jersey

Quick Picks – History

Catch up on the history of Knoll Textiles. Photo: Krrb.com/dimplegirl78

For a history of designer company Knoll, pick up the KnollTextiles Book ($40). There are other high end items on Dimplegirl78’s Krrb corner. Be sure to check it out!

Get it all here: Krrb.com/dimplegirl78

Did we miss something? Did we chose one of your corner items and you want to add something? Let us know and post below…

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