I Want This – Bike Planter

I Want This – Bike Planter

How cute is this little guy? Photo: Blog.eleanorsnyc.com

It’s time to dust off the old bike and get it ready for a season of trips to the beach and picnic lunches in the park. Aside from a tune-up, I’m thinking my bike needs some sprucing up. What better way to give my hybrid some personality than with a cute ‘lil planter?

This planter ($48) attaches securely to the bike’s front tube with an elastic nylon cord and comes with soil and plant. It’s just one of many items on my wish list from Eleanor’s, a popular shop for stylish bicycle accessories for women who like commute on two wheels. You can also check out these in-demand goods (and more!) at the Dekalb Market.

Want to give your bike that lived-in cozy feel, pick up this bike planter on Eleanor’s Krrb corner in Downtown Brooklyn.

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