Quick Picks – Bloom

Quick Picks – Bloom

Even if you don't have a green thumb, this air plant requires minimal upkeep.

Welcome to “Quick Picks” where we scour Krrb for remarkable finds and amazing pieces guided by just one word. Today’s word: Bloom!

Vintage Enamel Necklace in San Francisco, California

Quick Picks – Bloom

This colorful necklace will make any outfit pop. Photo: Krrb.com/SoraDesigns

A vintage enamel necklace with an orange bloom ($125.50) is a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection. The adjustable chain on this cheery necklace means you can wear it long or short to complete any look. Sora Designs is chocked full of beautiful vintage jewelry. A vintage book locket ($42.50) and a spyglass charm necklace ($34.50) are at the top of our wish list.

Get it all here: Krrb.com/SoraDesigns

Handmade Hair Clip/ Brooch in Mesa, Arizona

Quick Picks – Bloom

Use this fabric bloom to accessorize your spring jacket. Photo: Krrb.com/blueeyedowl

A handmade hair clip/brooch ($16) on Blue Eyed Owl’s Krrb corner is an affordable way to update your wardrobe with spring flowers. If you’re looking for something bigger, pick up this vintage eyelet summer bag ($12).

Get it all here: Krrb.com/BlueEyedOwl

Bloom Tattoo in Brooklyn, New York

Quick Picks – Bloom

Wear your love for flowers on your arm with a temporary tattoo. Photo: Krrb.com/thetemporarytattooproject

What’s not to love about this Bloom temporary tattoo ($12)? It’s a fun way to make statement while it lasts. There are more tattoo designs available on The Temporary Tattoo Project’s Krrb corner. We love that proceeds from this project go to a children’s charity.

Get it here: Krrb.com/TheTemporaryTattooProject

Chrysanthemum Pin of Crocheted Yarn in Kankakee, Illinois

Quick Picks – Bloom

Dress up with a whimsical Chrysanthemum pin. Photo: Krrb.com/acornmarkets

A wool blend Chrysanthemum pin ($15) is a fun detail to add to outwear. We love the curled petals look of this unique accessory.

Get it all here: Krrb.com/AcornMarkets

Free Night Blooming Cereus Cuttings in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Quick Picks – Bloom

Get a free cutting of this night bloom plant. Isn't that just neighborly? Photo: Krrb.com/Elysia

You can count on Elysia’s Krrb corner for neighborly offers. The Philadelphia-based Krrber has several quite the green thumb and is offering free cuttings of Night Blooming Cereus and Heirloom Tomato Plants.

Get it all here: Krrb.com/Elysia

Button “Sunflower Blooms” Dangle Earrings in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Quick Picks – Bloom

This pair of vintage buttons make for adorable earrings. Photo: Krrb.com/WhimsyHouse

We love how vintage buttons are repurposed for dangling “Sunflower Blooms” earrings ($16). Whether you get them for yourself or as a gift, these earrings are one-of-a-kind. Whimsy House’s Krrb corner has a great selection of upcycled jewelry.

Get it all here: Krrb.com/WhimsyHouse

Two Medium Sized Airplants with a Tiki Container in San Francisco, California

Quick Picks – Bloom

This tiki container houses two lovely air plants. Photo: Krrb.com/ScorpionSisters

Scorpion Sisters’ Krrb corner always has great items for sale. Whether you’re looking for yourself or the home, you’ll always get beautiful and unique finds on this San Francisco-based corner. High on our wish list is the pair of air plants with a tiki container ($20). We also love this elegant terrarium ($32).

Get it all here: Krrb.com/ScorpionSisters

“Bloom” Facial Mask in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Quick Picks – Bloom

Freshen up your skin with a "Bloom" mask. Photo: Krrb.com/BeehiveAlchemy

Beehive Alchemy’s Krrb corner has a variety of natural skincare products. We’re particularly fond of the “Bloom” facial mask ($8) to revive skin after a dry winter.

Get it all here: Krrb.com/BeehiveAlchemy

Repurposed Wood Dangle Earrings in Des Moines, Iowa

Quick Picks – Bloom

Aren't the white blooms on these green earrings just lovely? Photo: Krrb.com/FenniBird

You would never guess that these repurposed wood dangle earrings ($12) are made from an old cassette tape holder and Japanese paper. There is more jewelry available on FenniBird’s Krrb corner made from unusual upcycled items. Be sure to check out the selection!

Get it all here: Krrb.com/FenniBird

Did we miss something? Did we chose one of your corner items and you want to add something? Let us know and post below…

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