5 Easy Pieces – Recycled Book Art

5 Easy Pieces – Recycled Book Art

You don't need to read between the lines to see the beauty in books. Photo: Etsy.com/shop/theshophouse

As part of a series called 5 Easy Pieces, we’ll be gathering our favorite upcycled, re-purposed, vintage, and handmade stuff from around the web for you to buy or make yourself. So stay tuned for quick lists of 5 must-haves and get ready to wish you had thought of that.

Delicate Waves

5 Easy Pieces – Recycled Book Art

Old catalogs and phonebooks take on a new life in this delicate sculpture. Made in France, this piece of art ($39) is comprised of careful folding techniques. For more book art sculptures, visit Etsy.com/shop/Abadova.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

5 Easy Pieces – Recycled Book Art

Capture the tenement lifestyle in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Photo: Etsy.com/shop/MYARTNOOK

The story of an Irish-American family during the turn of the century comes to life. Detailed 3-D sculptures ($125) are made from the pages of the 1940’s novel A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. For more depicted novels, visit Etsy.com/shop/MYARTNOOK.

Folded Fairytales

5 Easy Pieces – Recycled Book Art

Decorate your library with small book sculptures. Photo: Etsy.com/shop/PaperStatement

Make a statement with book art consisted of folded pages in geometric patterns. Intricately designed, these books ($22.50) make a great gift for bibliophiles. Find more of these conversation pieces by visiting Etsy.com/shop/PaperStatement.

3-D Storytelling

5 Easy Pieces – Recycled Book Art

Animated stories come to life. Photo: Etsy.com/shop/Raidersofthelostart

You’ll want to hang these reclaimed books from the Salvation Army for everyone to see. The pages ($250) become a platform for an animated carousel scene. To pick up one of these repurposed books, visit Etsy.com/shop/Raidersofthelostart.

Mobile Text

5 Easy Pieces – Recycled Book Art

Enjoy the peaceful sway of this book mobile. Photo: Etsy.com/shop/theshophouse

We love the tranquil nature of this book mobile. Pages ($74) are looped to create a design similar to a hanging vine. To pick up this beautiful sculpture, visit Etsy.com/shop/TheShopHouse.

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