The Hot Corner – Raganella, Brooklyn, New York

The Hot Corner – Raganella, Brooklyn, New York

Liz of Raganella!

As part of the series called The Hot Corner (spring training starts next week!), we’ll be featuring Krrb corners that catch our eye with their well-curated inventory. Whether it’s upcycled, re-purposed, vintage or handmade, be sure to see for yourself why we think these Krrbsters have it going on.

The Hot Corner – Raganella, Brooklyn, New York

Can't wait for spring to drink this tea blend!

Raganella’s fresh ingredients is one of the reasons we wish “smell-o-vision” existed. With dreamy blends of herbs, plants and natural oils, Liz Neves of Raganella creates a sustainable line of beauty products that is both refreshingly guilt-free and inexpensive. You can pick up Raganella’s line of products at our friend The One Well’s shop in Greenpoint.

The Hot Corner – Raganella, Brooklyn, New York

Cinnaminty Myrrh toothpaste is a happy alternative to boring ol' Crest.

Depending on the time of the year, a variety of seasonal products and blends can be found in Raganella’s Krrb corner. For Valentine’s Day there was Love Me Tender tea and All Full of Love balm. For the dry winter months, Raganella carries thick moisturizing lotions to relieve itchy skin.

The Hot Corner – Raganella, Brooklyn, New York

The Lime in the Coconut moisturizer sounds good enough to eat!

Not only does Liz keep a healthy lifestyle, she also offers a consultation service for a healthier home. Although Raganella’s products are a favorite among us, it is her positive attitude that we can really get behind. “I’m passionate about helping people live in a healthier, just, and ecologically sound world,” says Liz. With such inspirational energy, it’s why Raganella is this week’s Hot Corner.

  • Tinkerbell045

    I really like the headband you have on(: where is it from?

    • Raganella

      Hi Tinkerbell045!

      The headband is something I made on the spot with white clover blossoms in Central Park. When they start blooming again, you can make one, too! ;)

      ~ Liz

    • Raganella

      okay, my boyfriend made it. he’s very upset that i just took credit! :^P

  • Arlenebet

    I can see why you would make it to Hot Corner.  Your products are fantastic, and soooo natural.  You deserve to be recognized for producing such good products.

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