On the Eleventh Day of Gifting Krrbie Gave to Thee: An Upcycled Lamp from Dog Tag Designs


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Old items light up again with Dog Tag Designs.

In the spirit of the holiday season, the Krrb community is giving 12 lucky Krrbsters a secondhand, handmade or locally made gift, as well as $250 cash on the final day.

On the tenth day of gifting Krrbie gave to thee: An Upcycled Lamp from Dog Tag Designs.

And today’s winner is Heike from San Francisco!!! Be sure to check out Heike’s Krrb corner, where she’s selling her own, original artwork! And if you’re looking to grab a cool, upcycled lamp to make your friends jealous (or even if you’re not), be sure to check out Dog Tag Designs.

Happy holidays!

Tyagi began his business when he came across a toy truck curbside.

About the Prize

Perfect for an office desk, the rotary phone lamp includes a mug repurposed as a pen holder. The unique lamps from Dog Tag Designs are upcycled out of a variety of items including skis, diner napkin holders, and children’s toys. Tyagi of Dog Tag Designs marks each lamp with his signature dog tag customized for the item and its owner. You can check out his Krrb corner to see what other inspired lamps he has for the holidays.

Tell us how Dog Tag Designs came to be.
It all started when I needed to replace a light bulb in my old gooseneck desk lamp. On my way home from the corner bodega with a new bulb in hand, I found a metal toy truck that had been thrown to the curb. I rushed home with an idea that would forever change the way I saw unwanted things. Dog Tag Designs specializes in repurposing and upcycling objects into useful and collectible furnishings. Each creation is dog tagged with a title, location and date, adding provenance.

The winner gets an all-in-one office lamp made from an old rotary phone. What do you think they should with it?
Its a great gift because its creation kept something from being thrown in the trash. The winner should let this gift light up their lives!

What are you hoping to get as a present this year?
I am hoping for a motorcycle that runs on vegetable oil, preferably a Harley but a triumph will do!

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  • Heike

    What a cool Xmas surprise! Thanks Tyagi, we couldn’t wait to open the package from NYC just today already :)  *heike

  • Email List Broker

    Nice gifting for upcoming Christmas eve.