On the Fourth Day of Gifting Krrbie Gave to Thee: A Rejuvenator Mini Kit from Sprout Wellness Skincare


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A complete body treatment kit.

In the spirit of the holiday season the Krrb community is giving 12 lucky Krrbsters a secondhand, handmade, or locally made gift, as well as $250 cash on the final day.

On the fourth day of gifting Krrbie gave to thee: A Rejuvenator Mini Kit from Sprout Wellness Skincare.

And today’s winner is Justine!!! Be sure to check out Justine’s Krrb corner, her vintage collection is well curated! And if you’re craving some skincare products to add to your skincare regimen (or even if you’re not), be sure to check out Sprout Wellness Skincare’s corner.

Happy holidays!

Adina's skin glows as result of the natural products she uses.

About the Prize

The all natural body kit includes a facial exfoliant, body scrub, and deep moisturizing cream all in a handmade Farragio cosmetics bag. With a background in personal training and nutrition, Adina has always had a passion for only putting the best products in and on her body. She began Sprout as way to use all natural body products made locally. You can check out her Krrb corner to see what other body products they have for the holidays.

Who are you and what is your business?
I’m Adina and I founded Sprout. Sprout is a company based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We make skincare products from high-quality ingredients that are organic, Fair Trade, or come from a small farm. All of our products are super simple and super effective, plus we think they look hot.

Why this is a great gift and what should the winner do with it?
We’re giving away a Rejuvenator Mini Kit, which is a brand new product. You get to test out our Cream, Body Scrub, and Exfoliant, plus we’re going to throw in a lip balm. You’ll feel awesome, smell delish, and be doing something good for yourself and the planet. Plus it comes in a handmade, hand sewn cosmetics bag from an Etsy seller! How Krrb is that?

What are you hoping to get as a present this year?
Cash money, son. Running a business makes you so poor!

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