On the Tenth Day of Gifting Krrbie Gave to Thee: A Constellation Print from Municipal Prints Company


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This print was inspired by the star maps of the 1930s.

In the spirit of the holiday season, the Krrb community is giving 12 lucky Krrbsters a secondhand, handmade or locally made gift, as well as $250 cash on the final day.

On the tenth day of gifting Krrbie gave to thee: A Constellation Print from Municipal Prints Company.

And today’s winner is Juliette!!! Be sure to check out Juliette’s Krrb corner, where she’s selling some original artwork and a really great vintage fan! And if you’re looking to grab a piece of the universe this winter (or even if you’re not), be sure to check out Municipal Prints Company.

Happy holidays!

Sheldon used to be a hotshot executive before he gave it up to make beautiful prints.

About the Prize

The constellation print is a guide to the northern sky, inspired by the astronomy maps of the 1930s, which Sheldon of Municipal Prints Company created a series of, using the retro look. They’re big and they’re gorgeous – just imagine them on your wall. Stay tuned because the print maker is also creating a line of serigraphs (that’s silkscreen prints for you laymen) in the style of 1930s WPA posters. You can check out his Krrb corner to see the goods he has for the holidays and beyond.

Hi Sheldon, tell us a little about yourself and your business.
Based in Brooklyn, the Municipal Prints Company commissions works that celebrate the design and architecture of the ’20s and ’30s for sale online and with select merchants. I started the company for my love of the architecture and art of the period, derived from my first trip to Rockefeller Center in grade school.

Why is this constellation print a great gift for the winner?
“Constellation Explorer: Compass to the Northern Sky” is a distinctive “wow” showpiece for virtually any room in the home. It is beautifully illustrated and gorgeously detailed by Austin-based map illustrator, Jeff Hopkins.

What are you hoping to find under the tree this year?
I’m a big fan of Alexander Girard, so I’d love to get Todd Oldham’s new book on the legendary designer’s life and work. Barring that, I’d be happy with a jar of McClure’s Spicy Bloody Mary Mix to get Christmas morning started off right.

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  • Wow thank you so much Krrb for this amazing prize! The print looks really great and this is the perfect gift for my christmas.

    I thank my lucky stars!
    Bons baisers de France

  • Anonymous

    So. Many. Stars. I love astrology!

  • Mommysfreetime

    Stunning print!