On the Seventh Day of Gifting Krrbie Gave to Thee: A Cutting Board from Gowanus Furniture


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A handy cutting board made from maple and walnut.

In the spirit of the holiday season, the Krrb community is giving 12 lucky Krrbsters a secondhand, handmade or locally made gift, as well as $250 cash on the final day.

On the seventh day of gifting Krrbie gave to thee: A Cutting Board from Gowanus Furniture.

And today’s winner is Embee!!! Be sure to check out Embee’s Krrb corner, the Denver-based midcentury art collector has the Mad Men aesthetic down pat! And if you’re looking for classic wooden decor to add to your home (or even if you’re not), be sure to check out Gowanus Furniture.

Happy holidays!

Pete is very selective about the wood he uses for his cutting boards.

About the Prize

This gorgeous handcrafted cutting board from Pete’s Gowanus Furniture Co. is constructed of walnut – keep it in a drawer or hanger it up and show it off. He’s also throwing in the oils needed to keep your wood healthy and looking great. A resident of Brooklyn, where most homes ain’t large, Pete knows the importance of space-saving well-designed items for the home and this bad boy is perfect at 4″ x 5 3/4″ and about 7/8″ thick. Small. Study. Useful. Built to last. Like it’s namesake. You can check out his Krrb corner to see what else he’s got cooking for the holidays.

Hi Pete! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your business?
Gowanus Furniture Co. creates innovative solutions for compact spaces. Space-saving cutting boards, wall-mounted bike racks, shelving systems, and more—all handmade in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn, where I also reside. I believe people should live with furniture worth living with, and that there’s a lot to be said about a well-finished piece of hardwood.

Why is a cutting board a great gift and what’s the best way for the winner to put this to good use?
This little board can solve all of someone’s problems. Or at least the ones that involve cutting limes or garlic. Or pressing plantains. Or resting a cup of tea on your bed. It really is pretty useful.

Fits in a stocking too.

Sometimes all you need to do is cut a lime. And we all need limes. I cringe whenever I see someone cut a lime on a small plate, especially with a good knife. That’s why I made this little guy. I use mine it all the time.

What are you hoping to get as a gift this year?
I’d love to get a sous vide controller so I can make a sweet sous vide machine and cook some interesting cuts of meat. That would be rad. And delicious and a lot of fun. Mmmm…

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