10,000 Bikes To Share In New York City


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Silk screened monoprint by Taliah Lempert of Krrb.com/Bicyclepaintings?auto=format

Silk screened monoprint by Taliah Lempert of Krrb.com/Bicyclepaintings?auto=format

Bike sharing for all! Soon the Big Apple will be joining the ranks of over 200 cities all over the world, including Mexico City, Beijing, Antwerp, and Paris who are attempting to cut back on emissions, heavy traffic, and encourage community togetherness with a new bike sharing program. By summer 2012, you won’t need to own a bike to ride a bike. Aside from greening the place up, consider saving yourself the cash and the space by just renting one when you need one.

Alta Bicycle Share (ABS), which operates in D.C., Boston, and Melbourne, will develop and run a privately funded bike-sharing system for the growing population of bike enthusiasts and lovers of simpler travel that will be both affordable and convenient. This bike share program emphasizes cohesion amongst the swiss cheese that is NYC transit by putting 600 stations- count ‘em six-hundred – south of Manhattan’s 79th St. And all near public transit to boot! Brooklyn will also be getting stations of their very own in Crown Heights, Bed Stuy, Williamsburg, and Carroll Gardens.

Travel just got easier, cheaper and a whole lot greener! Plus, at this stage of development, ABS is open to suggestions as to where more stations should go. They’ll even include an iPhone app that lets you know where these stations are and if parking is available- get this-in real time! Ah sweet, sweet technology.

With all of these municipalities embracing and encouraging bike riding, and bike culture growing tremendously over the years, it’s no surprise that biking has influenced artists as well. For instance, one of our own Krrbies, Taliah Lempert of Bicyclepaintings?auto=format, whose print is above, has a wonderful love of the mechanical marvel. With making bike inspired art, printing them on t-shirts, creating gorgeous coloring books, and making upcycled jewelry, Taliah is on a roll.

These earrings were made from old slides!

If you’re in New York City, expect to be more mobile in Summer 2012 when this dream will come into fruition with about 10,000 bikes!

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  • The European city bike is designed for everyday utility cycling with a range of loads, clothing, and road and weather conditions.

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