10 Stylish TV Characters You Will Never Forget


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photo: blog.archive.org

Photo: Blog.archive.org

We welcome television characters into our home week after week. Along with their catchphrases, their style sticks with us. Here are ten television characters whose style reminds us that television is a visual medium.

1. Alex P. Keaton of Family Ties

While I could not respect the man for his politics, I could always respect Alex P. Keaton for his style. Smart jackets, polished ties and feathered hair made him every Reaganite’s dream. Get his style without trickle down economics with a Fox & Brie necktie. Pass it on to your kids to make a family tie of your own (pun intended!).


From Fox & Brie’s Krrb Corner. $68.

2. Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City


What list of fashionable television characters would be complete without the mention of Carrie Bradshaw? Half the reason we watched the show was to see Carrie’s outfits (she always had the best wardrobe). Even watching it today the clothing stands the test of time, even if the dialogue can sometimes feel dated. A pair of purple Prada pumps channel the vivacity of everybody’s favorite single gal perfectly.


Check out these statement-making accessories at Sandra’s Krrb Corner. $199.

3. Finn of Adventure Time

When your show takes place in an alternate universe, you make your own style rules. Finn has sparked a revolution of backpack wearers. Join the ranks with this stylish backpack from Vaya Bags.


From Vaya Bag’s Krrb Corner. $230.

4. Clarissa Darling of Clarissa Explains It All

Clarissa’s style was effortless. I remember watching the show when I was a pre-teen and literally taking notes on her outfits. It was during this rigorous note-taking I discovered most of her outfits had themes. Of course, one thing she wore practically every day were her Doc Martens.


Get them for yourself from Snout’s Krrb Corner. $100.

5. Olivia Pope of Scandal

It’s not exactly a white hat, but a white handbag. Olivia Pope is as much a stylista as she is gladiator. If she’s in your corner, chances are it’s not only the safest but the most fashion forward. You could totally see Olivia going to a White House function with this delicate clasp bag.


You can check it out at Can’t Follow Directions’ Krrb Corner. $40

6. Vinnie Barbarino of Welcome Back Kotter

Everybody’s favorite 1970 heartthrob. His hair was more feathered than all the others. Does that mean his was the greatest? Fun Fact if you put Vinnie Barbarino into Travoltafier and it comes out: Victor Bailerey! Channel the prename slip John Travolta with these amazing 70’s pants.


Check it out from loveheylola’s Krrb Corner. $28.

7. Joan Holloway of Mad Men

It was tough to choose just one of out of the entirely styled cast, but Joan’s outfits are always impeccable. Much like her managerial role at Sterling Draper Fisher Price, Joan’s wardrobe means business. But even in the off occasion when she’s a mess, Joan still manages to look fantastic. Catch a page from her style with this wiggle dress.


Find it at Cat’s Pyjama’s Krrb Corner. $57.

8. Denise Huxtable of The Cosby Show


It never hurt that Denise was played by one of the most beautiful human beings ever—Lisa Bonet. Denise had her own style and it was eclectic and hard to pin down. Only she could pair an admiral’s jacket with a long velvet dress and somehow pull it off.


Try your own hand at it with this maxi dress from Of The Former’s Krrb Corner.$46.

9. Zach Morris of Saved by the Bell


Everybody’s favorite cocksure character had some boss style to match. Carry out your crazy schemes in these amazing shoes. They’re Zach Morris approved and they make me so excited…so excited and so…scared!


Check them out at Sandy’s Krrb Corner. $55

10. Rayanne Graff of My So-Called Life


I always thought of Rayanne as the love child of Blondie and Stevie Knicks. Part boho, part rock and roll, shake to combine. She defied all rules and authority with her attitude and her out-there looks. Make your own Rayanne-inspired look with the attitude of leather and these black lace earrings.


From EvaClaire’s Krrb Corner. $22.

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Who will be the next TV superstars who influence our style? Will we ever watch television the same way now with the advent of Netflix and Hulu? Whatever happens in the future, at least we have this stylish past to reflect upon.


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