10 Lessons to Learn From Dad + Giveaway


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Photo: Telegraph.co.uk

Photo: Telegraph.co.uk

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the life lessons dad taught you over the years! From how to heat up the grill properly to using all those strange tools you’ve probably already forgotten the names to, fathers are responsible for giving us knowledge (and memories) that last a lifetime. We’re expanding on those lessons (so you can brush up without a lecture from pops). Oh, and did we mention we’re giving away a vintage carafe for you to gift to dad this year? Read on for all of this awesomeness!

How to Shake Up an A+ Cocktail

Photo: Krrb.com/AmeliaBedeliaVintage

Photo: Krrb.com/AmeliaBedeliaVintage

When it comes to entertaining guests, pouring a drink for your significant other after they’ve had a stressful day or simply whipping yourself up a special treat- you’re going to want to know the ins and outs of home bartending. Who’s going to teach you the basics (and the insider tips) about ice temperature and the proper time spent-a-shaking if it wasn’t for good ol’ dad?

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How to Hang Heavy Items (Safely) On Your Walls

Photo: Krrb.com/teakbrooklyn

Photo: Krrb.com/teakbrooklyn

As a person with little upper body strength and a general lack of spacial reasoning, hanging up items on the walls has never been my forte. Whether it’s trying to figure out how to hang big pieces in your temporary rental without making a big mess or how to safely secure that heavy vintage mirror you found at the flea market, look to dad to teach you how to get your gallery Instagram-ready in no time.

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How to Use Tools and Not Let Them Use You

Photo: Krrb.com/roomrebellion

Photo: Krrb.com/roomrebellion

I can’t even tell you how many times in my 27 years of life my father has had to remind which the “Phillips” screwdriver was. His patience is honorable as he tried to shape me into a self-sufficient lil’ builder. From learning which tool to use for what job to knowing how to proper care for them is essential knowledge everybody should know!

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How to Roast the Best Coffee Beans

Photo: Krrb.com/mtippingatelier

Photo: Krrb.com/mtippingatelier

Many of my memories consist of my dad sitting at the kitchen table, reading the newspaper and lazily slurping down his second cup of coffee on weekend mornings. While I tend to not have high standards for the coffee I’m drinking, as I grow and start to enjoy the flavor of it more (and not just down it for the caffeine boost), I’m looking for some honest advice of how to brew the perfect cup. Having your dad teach you something cool like roasting your own coffee beans at home is something that you can pass down from generation to generation!

Check out: cups and mugs for you to drink that strong brew your dad taught you how to whip up. And enter our contest below to win this one-of-a-kind coffee carafe for your one-of-a-kind dad.

How to Learn, Love and Live Classic Rock

Photo: Krrb.com/elizabethkiefer

Photo: Krrb.com/elizabethkiefer

Every single summer my dad and I go on a concert date of his choosing. Kiss, Depeche Mode, Meatloaf and Black Sabbath is on the agenda for this summer. If it weren’t for road trips with my dad accompanied by the Counting Crows and Queen, I wouldn’t be the lover of the types of music that I love today. Next time your dad makes you listen to his playlist, let him! These songs will end up being apart of you forever.

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How to Play the Best Games

Photo: Krrb.com/spilledmilkvintage

Photo: Krrb.com/spilledmilkvintage

For Father’s Day, Christmas and his birthday, my sister and I always gift my dad some type of toy. He can get the most extravagant present from someone, but his favorite will always end up being the cheap and silly toy that we’ve given him. Dads are the ones that teach you how to play checkers and help you advance to chess. How would I have learned how to be such a good bluffer behind my hand of cards while I play poker if it wasn’t for him?

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How to Use Your Knives in the Kitchen

Photo: Krrb.com/earthbiscuit

Photo: Krrb.com/earthbiscuit

I think it’s safe to say that no dad ever wants to see their kid in pain- from heartbreak or from losing a fingertip in a cooking mishap! Learn to chop and dice with the help of the original master chef, you’ll be forever grateful when you’re trying to impress that future special someone!

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How to Uncork a Wine Bottle

Photo: Krrb.com/modernisticvintage

Photo: Krrb.com/modernisticvintage

When you’re craving a glass of wine the last thing you want to see are little pieces of cork floating in your glass. Have dad teach you his go-to method so you’ll never have to be left watching YouTube instruction videos while whimpering by yourself.

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How to Barbecue Anything and Everything

Photo: Krrb.com/106044

Photo: Krrb.com/106044

Nothing compares to that wonderful smell of the barbecue heating up! I’ll happily devour anything that comes off the grill, here’s looking at you pineapple! However I don’t know about grilling in the slightest. I generally steer clear of the cooking process at a barbecue despite my father’s protests. It’s never to late to make sure your dad teaches you how to cook up a mean steak.

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How to Handle Bicycle Maintenance on Your Own

Photo: Krrb.com/90077

Photo: Krrb.com/90077

From your first tricycle to your first bike and leading up to your first car, your dad is always going to want to be there to help you out with your set of wheels (he’s not nagging, he’s just loving you!) Let him teach you the ways of the road and how to do the basics of keeping your bicycle in top top shape so you don’t end up stranded on the side of a road with a wonky tire.

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Win a Father’s Day Gift

10 Lessons to Learn From Dad + Giveaway

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For one entry in our giveaway, tell us what makes your papa so special in the comments below. And be sure to mark it done in the Rafflecopter above so it counts!

  • Julie (julimi)

    my dad’s patience and ability to always make any time a great time

  • shawnkummer

    I love my dad’s passion for life.

  • Julie Rod.

    I love my dad’s patience and ability to always make me feel on top of the world

  • Donna

    my dad is my best friend. He’s someone that i could always rely on and go to for advice.

  • Mary L

    When I was little he’d tell stories.

  • Michael Miller

    My dad was the best hockey coach i could have ever asked for

  • Claire Ruf

    My father passed away this April. He was such a great man who taught me many things. Mostly by example to be kind to others. He showed interest and kindness to many people, even the waitresses and I appreciated that since I was once a waitress. He was so proud of all of his six daughters, often bragging about us. (He loved bragging about me when I became a pilot)
    I will be in Hawaii on Father’s day and I will put some of his ashes in the Pacific ocean.
    He had a great sense of humor and loved puns.
    His last joke was: I don’t want to make an ash of myself!

  • coupcrazy

    My dad is special, because he taught me how to fish. In many ways of life, not just fishing. So, I am prepared for this life he brought me into. :)

  • My dad is special because he’s super mellow- we have similar personalities in that way…we both think stress is overrated :)

  • Jill

    My papa taught me there’s humor in everything and dad jokes are entirely acceptable.

  • German Lopez

    My momma is the best!! She always put my brothers and me first while working 2 jobs to support us. She still managed to throw us bday parties, and give us small gifts during the holidays.

  • Caroline Moustache

    she wants the best for all children, she got many young people to quit smoking, older ones too

  • FreshNewLife

    He had expectations of honesty, respect, intelligence and compassion in all our interactions – and unconditional love in all cases and at all times. He was the strongest, gentlest, kindest man I have ever known.

  • Emma Hunter

    My dad is the greatest because he’s always ready with a joke or a laugh for anyone and everyone – no matter the circumstance! It’s a skill I’m still working on, having witnessed his incredible ability to diffuse a tense moment, lighten a dour mood, or keep a party rolling on and on.

  • Rachel Travis

    My dad is great because he is always there for me & willing to help no matter what!

  • Laura Cruz

    My dad works 2 full time jobs to provide for his family!

  • manda

    My dad is great because he will travel countless miles just to be with his kids.

  • Bianca Munoz

    My dad is special because he worked hard to make a living in the US so his kids could have a better life.

  • Karen

    My Dad taught me that I could do anything if I was passionate about it! I miss him.