10 Indulgent GOOP-Style Holiday Gifts over $10k


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Photo by William Helburn

Photo by William Helburn

Finding gifts for someone who has everything might call for a GOOP-like shopping experience. In case you’re unsure of what we mean by GOOP, note that the word here is not to be confused with the informal noun /ɡo͞op/: a sloppy or sticky matter, typically something unpleasant. Au contraire, GOOP is the name of Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand and website on which the most expensive items, services and gifts collide.

At Krrb, we love GOOP. We want GOOP. We can’t afford everything (anything?) we’ve found while GOOP-ing around on Krrb this week, but we believe you might have a loved one who deserves the best. Here’s our roundup of some of the most indulgent gifts that will take the person who has everything by surprise.

A 1929 Roadster

Meep-meep! This Ford Model A Roadster is in mint condition and ready to roll. The A-Model Ford, also known as the A-bone, was Ford Motor Company‘s second big feat following the Ford Model T. The company produced a range of styles back in the day, but this one that came out in 1929 is just right. $15,000

Vacation Home in the Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador

“Aw, [YOUR NAME HERE]! You shouldn’t have.” Don’t listen to this loved one – you should’ve. This house in Ecuador is a dream that can’t be lived or, should I say, lived in alone. This is quite the indulgent gift, but I’m sure your beloved will have you over for holiday cocktails with those little umbrellas in them. $70,000

Scarab Pin from the 1920s

The Twenties was such a sassy time in American history. From the literature of Modernism and the Harlem Renaissance to the jazz music and the flappers who danced to it, the Roaring Twenties was a time of indulgence and pleasure that needs to be indulged again. This Art Deco Scarab Pin is a great piece to add to someone’s jewelry collection. Just look at those Rubies and Sapphires. $25,000

Desk Handmade from a C-119 Aircraft Flap

I know that your beloved has everything, but I promise they don’t own a MotoArt C-119 Flap desk. Handmade from a real C-119 flap, this beautiful desk is a reminder to sit down and get to work. $20,000

Street Art by Septerhead

You might expect to find street art on the street only, but you can have this signed street art by local LA artist Septerhead hanging on a wall. Approximately 14 feet by 8 feet, this masterpiece is painted on wooden panel and reinforced with a wood frame. $7,000

Vintage Parlor Set from the Late 19th Century

What happened in the world between 1880 and 1890? A few significant events are the Second Anglo-Afghan War, a fundraiser for the construction of the Statue of Liberty and the creation of this 23 Piece Parlor Set. Give that person who has everything something that can never be made again, just replicated. $50,000

Artist Curtis Kulig’s “Love Me” Sign

The “Love Me” sign seems to be everywhere these days, from the popular Juice Press store in NYC to this cute line of children’s clothing. Bring Curtis Kulig’s red neon sign into someone’s home this holiday season and let the message shine forever bright. $12,000

A Table Featured in High-Profile Museums

Not all dining room tables are created equal. This style of Marc Lalique Cactus table has been featured in several high-profile museums, but you’ll have to contact him to find out the details (shhh). $95,000

A Traditional Grand Piano

Your beloved who has everything might own a piano, but is it grand? This Schimmel Grand Piano has a chocolate, high-gloss finish and was a showpiece in its day. $17,000

Mixed Media Artwork by Chinese Artist Zhang Hongtu

It would be a fabulous idea to take the person who has everything to the Big Apple this holiday season. The two of you could see the sites before stopping by Nessing Design and picking up this Mixed Media Art by Hongtu. The Chinese artist was born in Pingliang and is based in New York. His work is brilliant, reflecting on themes like the freedom of an individual to criticize authority openly and, of course, artistically.

Hey, your relative could be going GOOP for you this year. Tell us exactly what you want in the comment section below, and who knows – you might get it!

  • Chrissy

    That lovely home had the Krrb team ready to hop on a plane and relocate to Ecuador!!

  • Jars

    I’d like to hang out at the vacation home with my loved ones….

  • Christine

    Furniture over 100 years old is antique, not vintage… Right?

  • Vanessa Londono

    I’ve got my eye on that Love Me sign! One day…sigh.