10 Great White Elephant Gifts under $30


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Finding gifts for a white elephant party can be challenging. Based on the legend of the King of Siam who gifted rare albino elephants with pricy upkeep costs to those who had disappointed him, white elephant parties have morphed into a playful free-for-all to get the best gift. If you’re participating in a white elephant exchange (or a Yankee Swap as it’s known in some parts) you want bring a gift that’s nice but not too nice and will get the crowd fighting over it. After all, that’s part of the fun. Krrb’s Holiday Gift Guide has some great items that fit in the usually nominal price range.

Roast Your Own Green Coffee

This is a great DIY project for any coffee aficionado, which is pretty much everyone. Four pounds of green unroasted coffee beans from from Ethiopia, Sumatra, Colombia and Nicaragua. $16

Vintage Embroidered Penguin Cocktail Napkins

Anyone who ends up with this gift will be charmed by the adorable black and white penguins embroidered on these mid-century red linen cocktail napkins. This set of four are from the 1920s. $30

Alphabet Art Print

These floral alphabet letter prints make a great gift, no matter what vowel you pick. Choose a character of your choice and wrap it up, knowing it will go to a good home. $16

Set of Vintage Bird Glasses

You don’t have to be a hunter to happily accept this set of two retro wildlife glasses. Cheers to a great gift! $20

Vintage Polaroid Camera

This Polaroid OneStep 600 Camera is a fun retro tech gift to give. The recipient is sure to have fun snapping photos in an analog fashion. $20

Brass Disney Donald Duck

This rare collector’s piece has some great detail work and patina. The vintage collectible brass Disney Donald Duck is kitschy enough to add some personality to a bookshelf or an office desk. $25

Crystal Cut Salt and Pepper Shakers

Who would turn down a classy pair of crystal cut shakers? Definitely not me. This dining table accessory is an ideal white elephant gift. $20

Pair of Copper and Glass Tealights

Made of fine copper wire cloth and shell buttons over a clear glass container, this pair of elegant tealights fits into any home decor, adding warmth to the room. $15

Mid-century Souvenir Pennants

Choose from an assortment of loud and fun souvenir pennants from 1960’s travel destinations. This offering may seem random but it will likely bring a smile to the awardee. $3 each

Loom-knitted Slouchy Beanies

When in doubt, go for a unisex winter necessity like a beanie. These loom-knitted beanies have the perfect amount of slouch and will stay warm. Snag a bright color to contradict the upcoming gloomy and cold days ahead.


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