10 Essential Items — Mid-century Living Room


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Photo: Creativepro.com

Photo: Creativepro.com

When you’re designing a space, it can be tempting to go overboard. While there’s nothing wrong with a solid collection, we’re here to help you begin with a minimal furnishing approach. These are the 10 essentials you need for your mid-century style living room using our favorite Krrb finds. The best part? Everything ships! Let’s break it down!


Mid-Century Style Vintage Living Room



Every living room needs a main gathering spot: This charcoal-gray sofa is a stylish and comfortable focal point for the area. An additional chair helps to break up the space and seat more people, while also complementing the design on the rug.

The more storage options the better, and this mid-century modern cabinet gets the job done. You can display valued objects through the glass shelves, and hide unsightly necessities in the bottom cabinets. Sleek and sculptural looking, this coffee table ties the bigger furniture pieces together while keeping with the mid-century theme. Lastly, an end table acts as a resting place for lighting, decorative objects, or any other small addition to the room.

Even if your space has overhead lighting, you’ll want at least one other option for reading or relaxing. This mid-century lamp helps create a separate area with the accent chair, so everyone’s not crammed onto the sofa.

Comfort should be a main focus; this vintage Moroccan rug softens up the wood-centric room (and more importantly, your feet). The coffee table needs something to liven it up, and this vintage pottery can act as a multi-functional decorative bowl. Lastly, don’t forget about the walls! This retro starburst clock is a must for any mid-century space, tying together many of the other design elements in the room. Plants incorporate color and freshness, and this beaded plant hanger provides the perfect amount of retro charm.

Have any other furniture essentials for a minimalist living room? Let us know in the comments!




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