10 DIYers Changing the World


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Photo: Tampa Tribune

Photo: Tampa Tribune

It seems a little contrary to give out DIY awards. The DIY movement is about celebrating what you do best and helping others to find that same joy. So may we present a list that is not a “Top Ten” but rather a “Significant Ten” to inspire you in your own DIY projects. These folks are helping to change the world by making it simpler one project at a time. Enjoy!

Jenni Radosevich of I Spy DIY

Jenni Radosevich’s blog, I Spy DIY, is a constant source of inspiration and do-it-yourself fashion. She’s gone on to publish a book and her blog now includes cooking and home decor projects.

Dan Deacon

A true pioneer of the DIY music movement. Composer and electric musician Dan Deacon and Wham City brought together music and art to give artists of all disciplines a new way of thinking.

Todd Oldham

Yes, he’s a hot shot fashion designer now, but my first introduction to Todd Oldham was on MTV’s House Of Style. Todd Oldham was giving us DIY projects to do before DIY was even a movement! My childhood bedroom was purple with green star stamps I made MYSELF thanks to him.

Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess

These sisters run a fantastic lifestyle blog that does the tricky task of forming a community as well as being informative. They believe the best things are homemade, which, at its heart, is what the DIY movement is all about.

Vicki Bennet of People Like Us

DO or DIY is a freeform sound art radio show broadcast weekly by Vicki Bennett (project name People Like Us) on WFMU. The philosophy behind the show is simple. That within the realms of avant-garde and experimental sound art the goalposts defining “accessible” and “inaccessible” are constantly moving.The show is an amazing mash up of music, sounds and samples that make you rethink music and the boundaries of art.

Mast Bros. Chocolate

It’s hard for me to write this without running to my cabinet where the last few remnants of a Belize chocolate bar are taunting me, but I’ll try my best. Mast Brothers started small in Brooklyn with two brothers handcrafting fine chocolates. They’ve chosen a quality over quantity approach to they’re product and the results are delicious.

McClure’s Pickles

Family owned and operated out of Detroit, The McClure’s do one thing and they do it well: pickling. Using time honored family recipes, this canning business has boomed and their product is in high demand. They’ve shown us you can start small and grow bigger without sacrificing quality.

High Matainence

High Maintenance is an addictive web series about a pot delivery man and his customers. Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld write, edit and star in the series that has recently gotten a distribution with Vimeo. Check out these amazing episodes and you may recognize some familiar famous faces who are doing it all themselves.

Cut Brooklyn

Custom knives. Joel Bukiewicz designs and creates them out of his tiny shop in Brooklyn. “Everything I make comes with lifetime service, so my knives are always welcome back in the shop…”, meaning when you get a knife from Cut, you’re also forming a relationship with the owner. How many other relationships do you have that started over a handmade knife?

Farm Curious and Nicole Easterday

Farm Curious isn’t just a website with wonderful projects, kits and informative tips, its also a company designed to educate, inspire and equip urban homesteaders with an interest in producing their own food, reducing their ecological footprint and eating seasonally and sustainably without abandoning their urban lifestyles. Nicole Easterday is helping to start a movement and community to enrich people’s palates and lives. Bravo!


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