10 Alternative Ways To Say I Like You


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Photo: Lindsayziervogel.com

Photo: Lindsayziervogel.com

In a time of Like buttons and buddy lists, when knowing someones Birthday is an automated notification and texting is an all too simple way of slipping a note under the door, how does remembering someone become special again? How do you let that certain person know you like them without writing on their facebook wall?

Forget a Super Poke, here are 10 ways to remind your friends or the object of your affection that you like them. In real life.

Create A Desktop Terrarium

Moss terrarium by Etsy.com/shop/mossterrarius?auto=format

Moss terrarium by Etsy.com/shop/mossterrarius?auto=format

Terrariums are all the rage right now and they are super easy to create and personalize to give as gifts. Grab a jar of any size, from as small as an egg to as large as a breadbox, and layer the bottom with pebbles, then charcoal, and then pieces of moss – you’ll find all this at your local garden center. Make sure to use a jar with a lid which will keep the moisture in the plant. Plus, when the water condenses on the sides, it’s just magical looking.

For a step-by-step tutorial, check out Poppytalk.blogspot.com. For the terrarium above, check them out here.

Send A Postcard

Printed by Krrb.com/Tellapress?auto=format

Printed by Krrb.com/Tellapress?auto=format

Leave texts, emails, messages and calls behind and send an ol’ fashioned postcard or greeting card. If you want to make your own postcard, make sure to check the mailing regulations for the USPS to ensure your homemade creation arrives.

Or, try one of these fantastic, small print presses to let your crush know you’ve got your eye on them. For the card above, check out Krrb.com/Tellapress?auto=format or try these or these.

Make Your Own Sugar Body Scrub

Coffee and lavender Sugar body scrub, photo and recipe from Joythebaker.com

Coffee and lavender Sugar body scrub, photo and recipe from Joythebaker.com

Scrubbing your face and body with sugar is a luxurious and aggressive way to get the smoothest skin on the block. And when you use food-grade ingredients, you aren’t putting any harsh chemicals into your skin – yay! Make a whole pretty jar of homemade sugar body scrub and decorate the outside with a personal message of just how sweet your love is.

Grab the recipe for Coffee and Lavender Sugar Body Scrub from Joythebaker.com or find 5 fantastic recipes from Care2.com.

Psst… If you want to cheat and pick up a jar of pre-made, small-batch sugar body scrub from an expert, check out Sproutwellness. We won’t tell.

Make A Mixtape On A Cassette

Image by Tyler White.

Image by Tyler White.

It’s not that we’re anti-technology. Lord knows we love how accessible the digital world has made it to find new music like never before. But with the ease in sharing music, dedicating a playlist doesn’t have the same impact as it did when you had to rewind, fast forward, and sometimes hit record AND play to grab that tune of the radio that you have been waiting hours for. Try making your loved one a mixtape on a cassette to show that you’ll still put the work in and have a little fun with a nostalgia while you’re at it.

Tip! Just make sure they have something to play the tape with because it’s just not fitting into that laptop.

Homemade Fortune Cookies

You are going to be so popular when you have personalized messages in your own, homemade, delicious fortune cookies. And with a few key ingredients, some paper and a pen, and perhaps a little patience, you are going to be the toast of the town.

Plan A Walking Tour

Photo: Mcduffietwinparksna.org

Photo: Mcduffietwinparksna.org

How often have you had the following conversation:

“What do you want to do tonight?”
“I don’t know, what do you want to do?”
“I don’t know.”

Map out a walking tour of the often overlooked gems of your neighborhood and be a tour-guide for a day. Make sure to include regional classic snacks along the way and why not end the tour with a nice drink at your local watering hole. Your friends will love the novel activity.

Have Your Friend Pass A Note

Because it’ll be cute!

Make Homemade Truffles

Homemade truffles, photo: Kitchenmusings.com

Homemade truffles, photo: Kitchenmusings.com

It’s way easier than it sounds and you’ll still impress.

Simply bring 1 cup of heavy cream to a boil and pour over 1 pound of evenly chopped, bittersweet dark chocolate in a glass bowl. Let sit for 30 seconds and then start stirring in small circles until it’s all incorporated into a thick paste. Cover, and let sit in the refrigerator to get cold – this makes it easier to work with. Meanwhile, add about a cup of unsweetened chocolate powder to a small plate.

After the hour is up, using a melon baller or just a spoon, dig out small balls of chocolate ganache (that’s what’s in the bowl) and put them in the powdered chocolate. Using your hand, either roll into even balls or allow your truffles to keep a more organic look, as is traditional. You’ll also want to do this part as quickly as possible because your hands are warm and your chocolate will start to melt in your palms.

Voila! Homemade truffles.

Find a pretty little box to put your creations in and present proudly.

Tip! Try adding a drop or two of flavored extracts to create different kinds, like hazelnut or mint. Do this just before the stirring process. You can also substitute the powdered chocolate for finely chopped nuts or toasted coconut. Mmm.

And for an alternate recipe, check out Kitchenmusings.com

Danny Seo’s Soap Letters

Handmade soap letters by Danny Seo, photo: Dailydanny.com

Handmade soap letters by Danny Seo, photo: Dailydanny.com

Green living expert, Danny Seo is publishing a book this fall called Upcycled Celebrations and this cute little project is a sneak peak to what’s to come! Using pre-made soap, dye if you choose, and cute letter-shaped ice cube trays, you can spell out just how you feel in the most squeaky clean way imaginable.

For full instructions, check out Danny’s Daily.

Book Of Coupons

Make your own coupons or start with a hand screen-printed book, above by Bee Things, from Krrb.com/vintagemodern?auto=format

Make your own coupons or start with a hand screen-printed book, above by Bee Things, from Krrb.com/vintagemodern?auto=format

You know, for back rubs, chores, impromptu pleasantries and stuff. Just like when you were in 4th grade and it was Mother’s Day and you didn’t have any money because you didn’t have a job because you were in 4th grade.

How Do You Show It?

Let us know the creative ways you express your love to those in your life in the comments. And go ahead and send your love letters to:

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  • Meaningful and creative, I thought I would try one of the ways, I am definitely bookmarking this page and sharing it with my friends. Thanks

  • Veronica Aleman

    This was so cute! I’ve done like half of those things and its nice to see that people understand the value if effort. I’m gonna try that desktop terrarium idea because that is VERY creative :)